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My NYC Marathon 2015 Adventure - 26.2 miles to shedding your doubts

Guess it’s time to get this post done! It’s been 5 days since the marathon and my body is finally feeling back to normal.  Tuesday was the worst.  They say the 2nd day after a big effort is when DOMS hits and believe me… IT DID!  I was so glad I had taken that day off work also.  We didn’t get back home until late Monday night and from the travel and marathon I was basically worn out.  
So here goes the details (it's long so be prepared.. ha):
We arrive in NYC Friday around 5:50pm. I had hoped to catch the ending of the opening ceremonies of the marathon but due to the World Series baseball game and tons of people arriving for the marathon it took us 2X as long to get from airport to our hotel. We arrived after 8pm! I was starving. However, my husband was dealing with bad bout of diverticulitis. It was so bad the night before we left that he debated on me taking him to the ER at midnight.I was so concerned about him traveling and even told him before we left that morning that I wo…