Sunday, May 31, 2015

May goal accomplished

Today is May 31 and I'm very happy that I accomplished my goal I set for the month. My goal was to get in miles everyday "time on feet" by at least doing 1 mile every day.  That would have been real easy if it was just 1 mile every day, but that wasn't my goal. My goal was that on my rest days I would get in 1 mile so by May 31 I would have mileage for every day. I did it! I ended the week with 32.52 running miles, 35 bike miles, and 1.75 miles swimming.  Pretty dang good for a week. And over 100 miles running for the month of May!  It makes a difference when you are off for a holiday during the week and you can work in 2 long runs in a weeks time. :>}  This coming week I will not have as many run miles. It will be an easy week. I may not get in a long run because I'm signed up to do a 5K race on Saturday. So it may be short miles for the week, unless I pull off a long run mid week. I do like to try to average around 20 running miles a week to keep a good base before having to build up for a marathon.

Today, as I was driving home from church I was listening to Klove and the guy was taking about digging roots and then you can blossom.  How true that is as a Christian and athlete. You must build that foundation and then you'll blossom. So remember that the next time you are running, biking, or swimming that even when you are having a bad day, you are digging roots and building a foundation so you can blossom.

So tomorrow is June 1 and it's time to set me some new goals.  I have about 3 weeks before my "official" New York marathon training starts so my goal for June is to continue to dig roots. Keep building that strong foundation by running, biking and swimming.  And let's not forget 1 minute planks every day. I've kept them up so far over 55 days! Shooting for 365 days.

Hope you've had a blessed weekend. Do you know the greatest palindrome?

Dogma - I am God

Romans 15:13  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Sometimes on your journey you have to run alone.....

Happy Friday Peeps! 

Are there days when you have to run alone? I know I've said many times that the best way to stick with exercising is to find a friend. Well, that's true.  But sometimes there may be days when you have to go out alone.  Maybe it's work interference, a sick child, or your running friend is sick.. whatever the reason.  So what do you do when that happens?  Do you suck it up and get your run in or do you take the day off?

It can be hard and frustrating when you have to run alone.  To me it's a challenge.  I know that sounds crazy right.  But bare with me.  For about two years now, I've tried to do most of my running in the mornings before work which means doing them ALONE.  I do not have running buddies that live close by or if they do they do not have the same work schedule that I have so I have to force myself to get up and do it alone.  It use to bother me especially before we had Troy our dog.  He LOVES when I walk out the door in my running gear.  And believe me he knows the difference between my work clothes and running gear.  He starts jumping up and down as if saying.. "hurry up..time to run".  He's the best dog ever.  

So how do I do it? Well, normally I will lay in the bed a few minutes telling myself it's ok to just sleep in and skip my workout and then it's like something hits me and says... Get up! You'll never accomplish anything if you don't get up! You'll feel so much better after you get your run in!   And you know what.... I always do! It's amazing how sleepy, tired, or just cranky I can feel when I wake up, but after my run I feel energized and ready to face the day.  Especially after I have a COLD shower.  Yep, that's right.. COLD.  It feels so good after a south Mississippi humid run. :>)  

I've slowly been building my miles back up after my short break and I'm happy to say that for the month of May (after I run in the morning), I will be back up to 100 miles per month.  Whoop Whoop!  The journey may be slow, but when you reach that goal it makes you feel awesome! Especially when I train to run for a reason! #stjudehero #letsstopchildhoodcancer

Have a blessed weekend! D

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Drills / Training .... Are they necessary?

I hope everyone had a great holiday whether you were off work or not.  I surely enjoyed my group run with some of my teammates on Memorial day.  It was a muggy morning and running with friends sure made it easier.

Bubba, Kathy, Jennifer, Me & Serina

Frank also ran with us but he took the picture of the group running.  So here's a picture when we started with him in it.
Kathy, Jennifer, Bubba, Me, Frank & Serina

Runs are always more fun when done with friends!  If I could suggest one thing to you, it would be to find a friend to workout with so that you can encourage each other.  There will be times when you don't really want to go, but if you have a friend that holds you accountable, it's much easier to get up and out the door. :>)  
Now to the topic of my post.... Do you feel drills or training are necessary?   I get emails and magazines that always have "tips" for running.  Sometimes I scan through them and sometimes not.  Today I received an email on the 3 common swimming myths you should ignore.  

1.  Myth #1 - A low stroke count is what everyone should shoot for. 
2.  Myth #2 - You need a strong kick to swim freestyle.
3.  Myth #3 - Drills are unnecessary, just swim more.
I'm only going to focus on #3.  I got to thinking as I read the article how much swimming compared to running.  In any case, when you are a beginner, drills are your foundation and you should never stop doing them completely.   This was the one thing my cousin kept telling me on Saturday that she had learned at her swim camp for Triathletes.  Do the drills! Don't fret so much over how far you are swimming.  It's the same with running.  Some think all they need to do to get better is run more.  Well, if you are an elite maybe that's true, but if you are just a normal person like me, it's not true.  We need to build other things, like our techniques.  So don't focus so much on what others are doing, focus on your own skills.  Improve them and you'll improve in running or swimming.  
Saturday we did a long hill run.  We normally just do our long easy runs on flat surfaces, but decided to switch it up.  I really enjoyed the change of pace and scenery.  Whatever race you are signed up for, check out the route.  Is it flat? Is it hills? Set your training to match the course.  You'll be glad in the end that you did your research. :>)

Happy Tuesday to you peeps! BTW I'm on day 48 of doing a 1-minute plank a day. Whoop Whoop and I only have 4 more days in May to complete my challenge of running every day.  I'll be glad when May is over. LOL  I will not be continuing the run every day challenge.  I'm not convinced that it is good for you body.  Plus the month of June will begin my New York Marathon training that I'll be combining with my TRI training so I'll need my rest days to recover.  Recovery so very important.  :>)  I'll talk more on this subject later.
Remember... Never Ever Give Up! Stay Strong! Stay Focused! SET GOALS! Write them down and tell someone! You'll be less likely to just let me fade away.   
Team Run4TheKids Captain

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Vivi turns 1

The youngest Clayton grandchild turned 1 on 5-22-15 and today was her birthday party.  It was great seeing all 5 grand kids together.  We don't get to do this often enough! One set lives in Jackson and the other three in Hattiesburg.  Both families have busy lives with many kids activities so it's hard to see them as much as we'd like to.   Here's a cute picture I grabbed of all 5 of them before we did cake.

Anna Cooper, Haze, Grayson, Caroline, & Vivi! All Precious!

Vivi loved her cake!  And I know her mom loved bathing her afterwards. Hee Hee  Hard to believe the caboose is one! 

As it is when people gather, they always seem to ask you about your kids.  How are they doing?, Are they finished with college yet?, What are they doing?, Still living at home?  and the list goes on and on.  Most days I love talking about my kids but this past week I had been struggling with my son.  See he decided he doesn't want to go back to senior college.  Says college isn't for him.  I get it because I know my son.  After he graduated from junior college, he really didn't want to go to senior college, but I made him give me one year.  He did and now he says he's done.  When I tell people usually they say things like.. Make him go, explain to him how he's never going anywhere, tell him how hard it will be to get a job, and the list goes on and on and on...... and then I feel like a terrible parent.  So I try to avoid the subject lately.   

But I realized this weekend that I've excepted his decision.  College isn't for everyone.  We need people in this world that can do manual labor.  We need house builders, plumbers, electricians, and many other jobs that I could list.  Not every one can be a doctor, lawyer, or work in an office.  I believe we are all called to do certain things in life.  Brett may not have it figured out exactly what he wants to do in life, but from what I've read it takes men (boys) a little longer to mature than women usually.  

I was talking at the birthday party to my husbands first wife.  Yes, we are friends.  They pick on us and call us BFFs. LOL  She told me she had read a very interesting study that said men don't fully mature until the age 28! Boy that does makes sense when you think about it.  I'm not hating on men here so don't get ill, but look around and notice how long it takes for some guys to mature and be ready for a family of their own, etc.  

I do know if I could go back in time that I would have really pushed Brett harder on his studies.  I would have gotten tutors to help him in his reading.  I knew he wasn't a good reader and hating reading but I let it slide.  I probably let him slide much more than normal parents and maybe it's due to the fact that when he was 11 he had an accident that could have taken his life.  After watching my son in the hospital for weeks, I probably developed a real soft spot for him cause I never pushed hard on grades with him.  As long as he was passing, it was ok.  And let me say that some think they can just play sports all their life.  Well, you can't.  Developing good study habits and getting a good education is much more important than sports growing up.  

So as I sit here tonight, my prayer is the same as always.  Please let me children find their place in this big old crazy world.  I use to stress over Erin finishing college.  She changed her mind several times before she finally stuck with one major and it took her 5 years instead of the normal 4, but she finished.  She just completed her first year of teaching and it seems like ages since I was stressing over her.  So I know this stress with Brett will soon seem like a distance memory also.  Mainly because I'm trusting God to lead him.  

Dear Lord,
May you gentle guide Brett to find his calling.  Lead him on the right path.  May he also turn to you for guidance.  Thank you for blessing me with two beautiful children.  Lead me as a mother to be a guild for them and also a safe harbor that they can always come to for rest and assurance.  I praise you for all you've done in my life.  Thank you also for the extended family you've blessed me with.  Guide all five of the grand kids to be the best they can be and bless their parents. Give them the knowledge they need to be the best parents they can be.  I ask all this in Christ name.  Amen 

Run for Blue / Swim Lesson

This post may be long.  I never got around to finishing it on Saturday.  I first want to say what an honor it was to work at the Run for Blue run on Friday night!  Team Run4TheKids donated waters for the event.  When we arrived Z asked if we could pass out waters at mile 2 of the run.  We were honored to do so!  They had a good crowd come out and support our fallen police officers.  Here's a picture that Nestor grabbed of me at mile 2 by the officer in blue. :>)  I decided since I had my camera with me to take pictures while my teammates passed out waters.  I think the runners / walkers were happy to see me cause they all smiled and posed for pictures.

In the picture below is the brother of officer Dean (he is in white shirt by Z holding the flag).  We were honored to have his brother run.  This was only a small portion of the people that came out to the Blue run. 

Here is some of my teammates.  Frank of course took pictures at the finish line.  Kathy and Sunshine passed out waters at mile 2 with me. :>)  I appreciate them coming to help so much! Our team loves to help and give to deserving causes.

The Run for Blue raised almost $8,000 for the 2 officers families.  Well done Hattiesburg, Ms! and Thanks Z and all the other volunteers for putting this all together! 

Now to Saturday..... My cousin who just finished her first half ironman earlier this year had been telling me about her swimming and how much it had improved.  She went to a swim camp and is going again in June to another one in New York.  She's a lot like me.  She wasn't known for being athletic growing up.  I can honestly tell you that I was HORRIBLE at sports! I tried softball one time and the ball hit me and I never tried it again.  I was lanky and uncoordinated.  LOL  Yes, I did cheer a couple of years but cheering when I was young wasn't like it is now.  I didn't have to know how to flip and jump like they do these days.  So when I say I was NOT athletic...believe me.. I was not.  

Anyway, my cousin and I have been keeping up with each other lately.  She recently started running when she turned 50 and ran her first marathon earlier this year.  Afterwards, she told me she had a lot of knee / leg issues so she was going to start swimming and biking.  I briefly mentioned to her about trying a TRI.  Well, she has gotten all into it.  She loved her first half ironman and she's doing another one later in June.  She wanted me to come meet her at the pool on Saturday so she could show me her swim drills she learned at camp.  She said they really improved her swimming.  I was anxious to go meet her because swimming in my worst event.  I ran run and bike, but I'm just not comfortable in the water like I am running and biking.  

So I got up early Saturday to do my long run before I would meet her.  I did 10 easy miles and off to Hattiesburg I went to meet her.  Let me just say that the Institute for Wellness in Hattiesburg is AWESOME!  OH if I lived in Hattiesburg, I would have to check into joining that wellness center.  It's got everything!  

She first asked me what I thought competitive and TRI swimming had in common.  I wasn't sure where she was going with her question, but she soon explained and it makes sense.  I've done a little reading since then and she's right.  Well, I should say the coach that told her that is right.  :>)  Competitive swimmers only have to swim fast for a couple of minutes and they aren't going to hop on a bike and ride a couple hours and then run a couple hours like a TRI swimmer after they are done swimming.  TRI swimmers are training for distance and endurance.  Kind of like marathon training.  You don't want to use all your energy swimming.  You want swimming to be your easy event.  And the one way to do that is to learn to RELAX in the water.  When she said the word "relax" she had my full attention.  See that's where I struggle.  I tend to fight the water and try to hurry up and finish.  

After we did drills and practiced for 1:30 hours, it was time to go.  She was going to stay and swim more but I told her I needed to get on home.  I'd already been gone most of the day.  My husband thinks all I do is run, bike or swim.  But honestly if I was at home, I'd just be watching him watch golf, ESPN, or weather.  LOL    

Anyway, she told me I need to quit focusing on trying to swim as hard and as fast as I can.  Yes, I've been swimming a mile each time I go lately, but now I'm going to slow down and practice my form and try to RELAX.  It will be a whole lot different when I get out in open water rather than being in a pool!  I might not be getting a mile in each time for awhile, but I'm going to learn to do it right. :>)  She also told me that my swimming is better than hers when she started.  After watching her swimming, I don't see how, but if that's the case then maybe.... just maybe..there's hope of me to improve.  I'm going to give it my best shot.  NEVER EVER QUIT as I tell people all the time. :>)  

If you're interested in how many laps or meters it is to swim a's you some info:

So what did you do this weekend? Remember, exercise is good for you! :>) 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Female - Fe = Iron, Male = man ...... IRONMAN

Boy...Where do I start! Great weekend!  First before I get to the weekend, let me first say that Friday  night I went to swim and I'm happy to report my swimming was more relaxed.  My cousin had sent me several emails telling me about some youtube videos to watch on swimming.  I think they helped. I always dread when I go to swim on Friday nights because Warren has the lanes turned the LONG way. I told myself as I was changing clothes... GO SLOW and STEADY.  Not to mention that I had my friend Jenn on my mind and I could hear her saying ... Just keeping Swimming dory! LOL   So I swam for an hour.  Finished with almost exactly one mile.  Here's proof:

I also continued my planks every day.  So far I have not missed a day in over 30 days! YIPPIE.

I also continued my May challenge of "time on feet" every day.  On my rest day, I do 1 slow mile.  So far the week I got in 21.2 miles of running, 15 miles on the bike (should have been more..but 1 bike night got messed up), & 1.9 miles of swimming.  Whew! Another week of training down.  

Now to the weekend... well Saturday morning me and my SIL, Devon headed out to Ft. Walton, Florida to see a beautiful girl that graduated high school with my son get married.  It rained the whole 4 hour drive.  I was beginning to get very worried about the wedding.  But by lunch time the rain had cleared.  The only thing that was left was the wind and HUMIDITY.  Boy, I'm dreading July and August in the south!  Well, as soon as we got to the condo to check in....guess what??? I LOCKED my keys in the trunk! 
I kept my cool and called a locksmith wondering how much it was going to cost me!  He asked how soon I needed in my car.  I told him soon cause we were here for a wedding and all our luggage was in my trunk.  And yes Devon took this pic of me while laughing saying she can't believe this is happening.  Something always happens when we travel together... :>)   We only had to wait around an hour before a nice guy showed up and unlocked the car.  And it only cost me $55 which I thought was great! 

When we finally got on the beach I told my daughter who had been there since the day before about my keys and she just laughed.  Isn't she adorable?

The wedding was beautiful.  Yes, the wind was blowing like crazy and we all looked like we hadn't brushed our hair but it sure was pretty.  I'm kind of old fashion and love when the groom doesn't see the bride until she walks out in the dress for the first time.  I had no idea that was what Laken and Chase were doing until we got there.  He is very sweet.  He had written her a lovely letter and sent it to her that day along with a gift.  All the girls said it was so sentimental.  Then Erin told me that Chase had not seen her in her dress and his first time to see her would be when she walked out.  OH my heart just melted.  When she did walk out, he fought back huge tears.  It was so very touching.  You could just feel the love he has for her as he watched her walk down that sandy beach isle to meet him at the altar.  It was very touching.  Check out the picture I snapped as they kissed.
I wish them a lifetime of happiness.  Which we all know that marriage isn't a bed of roses.  It's WORK.  You have to invest in it to make it work.  

My SIL, asked me this weekend how I was so peaceful.  I didn't even have to think about my answer. I said immediately... It's the GOOD LORD.  Yes, I'm not perfect and I have been known to lose my temper, but I've mellowed over the years and it comes directly from his strength.  When I start my mornings reading my Bible, I have a much better day.  :>) 

Today as we were driving home, Devon remind me how lucky I am.  She has two small children and she was telling me that as we walked on the beach this morning how peaceful it was to be able to do 2 miles without kids crying or needing you.  She loves her kids but if you are a mother, you know where I'm coming from.  It's hard when you have small kids to find that ME time.  I know Devon aches sometimes to have that ME time.  I take mine for granted sometimes but as I listen to her I was reminded just how hard it is as a mother.  I think I'll offer more to help her or let her and my brother have a "date" night from time to time.  It's important that couples try to find time to do that in their busy lives.  

I was anxious to get home to find out how my friend, Jennifer, did today in her half ironman.  I knew she wouldn't have a problem finishing the TRI.  She's done a couple already, but today was going to be hard for her.  This trip was planned as a girls trip.  Her mom and daughter were going with her.  Sadly her mother passed away in January so it's been a very tough couple months for my sweet friend.  This morning as I woke up, I immediately said a prayer for her.  I prayed not only that she finish strong, but that she find peace with her mom not being there by her side.  I was beyond THRILLED when I got home and flipped on my Facebook and she had posted a picture.  Here's the picture.  
Her post with the picture said this one was for her mom and mother-in-law.  I knew when I saw the picture that my sweet friend had found some peace.  Just look at that smile on her face! Which If I had just done 70.3 total miles I would be jumping to (If I could..ha).  I'm so happy for her and can't wait for her to get back home so I can hear all the details!  Check out her awesome times on each event! She ROCKED today!

Maybe cause I sent her this:

Nay.. wasn't anything I sent her.  It was due to hard work and dedication in her training.  She is one of the most dedicated people I know with training!  LOVE HER! 

Now it's time to start a new week!  What's ya weekly goals?  I rode 20.7 miles on my bike tonight to start my week off. :>)  Going to be a busy week with my nephew graduating high school, Friday night is a run to honor two police officers that were killed recently, and on the weekend we'll attend a birthday party for my granddaughter that will be turning the big 1. :>)  

Remember... Set goals, write them down, tell someone, and you'll do great things! Happy training! Capt'n D


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Faith - Do you have Faith?

Today as I read so many post on social media concerning two police officers that were killed pretty close to my hometown, I'm very sad.  What is the world coming to?  Seems everyone is pointing a finger and blaming each other.  There seems to be so much hatred in the world.  As I read some of the post, I wanted to scream... "where did you come from? why are you so angry? Did no one love you?, etc."  I could go on and on, but I'll spare you.  I'm not even going to start ranting about who's right and who's wrong.  Mainly because I'm not here to judge.  That's God's job.  Justice will eventually be served.  You can bank on that fact.

There was one thought however that kept coming to my mind today and it was so heavy on my heart.  So many people are truly lost.  People that are truly saved know that this life is temporary.  It's what happens when we die that is eternal.  I'm sure the police officers that were killed never thought they would die that day.  I'm sure my high school friend's son who was only 22 when he died last week from a motorcycle accident never thought when he got dressed that day that it would be his last day to live.  We all take life for granted most days....even me.  But the fact is we are all going to die.  It may be today, tomorrow or ten years from now.  The important thing is the question, "Do we know what will happen to us when we die?".

As for me, I'm saved.  I know when I die that I'll be going to heaven to join my Savior.  Where are you going?  Have you thought about it? You might say....OH I'll think about that when I'm older....or I"ll get my life right later..... But what if you don't get another day or another hour?

Some of the comments I read made me want to wash their mouth out with soap.  That's what my mom would have done!  There seems to be no respect and no love in this world.  It's a sad dark place.  But I find hope in my FAITH.  When I read my devotion this am the title was ... "When bad things happen".  It asked the question if God is good, why do bad things happen.  Sometimes it strange how closely my devotions match with what is going on in the world.  Can you say...GOD IS SPEAKING! I believe he is.  It went on to say that sometimes bad things happen due to the choices we make in life and other times we simply do not know the reason.  One day in heaven we will know the answers, but until then we must have faith.

"They won't be afraid of bad news, their hearts are steady because they trust the Lord." Psalm 112:7 NCV

I pray that Christians will stand strong in our faith.  It's not our place to judge.  We must take everything in prayer and have faith in God.  We should spread love to others so that they may experience God's love through us.  You may never know when a person is so close to making a decision to accept God and your actions will either lead them or turn them away from that decision.

"Give me such love for God and men as will blot out all hatred and bitterness." Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Sunday, May 10, 2015

First, my mother .... Forever, my friend

That was the words my daughter wrote on my Mother's day card. :>)  This will be a card I keep forever.  Yes, I have a box where I've kept a lot of cards over the years.  I'm kind of a pack rat when it comes to that stuff.  I've got some hand written cards that my kids did when they were little.

My kids give me a hard time cause they say I tell everything on Facebook.  Hee Hee...  Imagine that!  I probably do tell way to much but it's fun.  So I might as well enjoy it.  I know some think I'm crazy always posting status updates, etc.  But heck ... you only live once! I may tell a lot, but I promise you ... I don't tell it ALL cause I'm really a private person especially on some things.  :>)

Today as I reflect on Mother's day, my thoughts turn to so many friends that are missing their mothers today and also to a friend that laid her son to rest yesterday.  I know each and every one of them probably had a day filled with tears today.  I've prayed off and on throughout the day for the good Lord to wrap his arms around them and may they find strength in him.  ~Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.~ Matthew 5:4  May each of you feel his grace.  {{{{HUGS}}}}

Ok.. so here's my weekly chase:

1.  Get some miles in every day (even on rest day do 1 mile easy...remember May's challenge)
2. Planks every day - at least 1 minute
3. Foam roll, stretch, & ice if needed (yes these help)
4. Get 20 miles in running (will be hard cause I plan to go to a wedding at the beach this running will have to be during the week)
5. Get in 2 days of swimming - do 25-30 laps each time
6. Get some bike time in ... either in spin or on the road
7. Give my husband a hug each day (yes, I'm writing this...cause if you make goals, write them down, tell someone... you usually complete them)

So what's your weekly chase??? Got any goals???  Write them down... tell someone...make them REAL.  

Let's have a positive week. :>)  No negative thoughts.  Don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle. :>)

Pray more... worry less.  Matthew 6:34 

And ENJOY.... Here's a pic from my weekend mud run.  Had a BLAST! Isn't that what life is about? Laughing and enjoying! Love my Shine! And hope your bottom isn't sore today. :>)

Love, D

Friday, May 8, 2015

Casual Friday or Fitness Friday??

Some call Friday --- "Fitness Friday"---- I'm not sure I'd call it that today.  I'd call it TIRED Friday.  Ha!  However, most businesses call it "Casual Friday" cause they usually let their employees wear jeans on Friday.  

Whatever you call your Friday, I'm sure most people are counting down the hours until the weekend.  So many people love Fridays and hate Mondays.  They live for the weekends. :>)  How about you? Are you just happy with each day of the week or do you count down till the weekend?  

I try to be happy with each day of the week, but I'm sure happy when the weekend comes and won't make no bones about it.  That's usually when I see my running peeps.  I may catch a few during the week at spin or swim, but weekends are always more fun. 

 I've had a busy week this week.  Here's what I've done so far:
Sunday - 8.4 miles running am
Monday - 1 mile run am / T25 stretch pm
Tuesday- 3 mile run am / 1/2 mile swim pm
Wednesday - 5 mile run am / 15 miles spin (bike) pm
Thursday - 2.2 mile run am / 1 mile swim pm (YES 1 MILE!! HUGE FOR ME!)
Friday - Slept in pm...will do my 1 mile run & ride my bike after work

As for Saturday to finish off my week, me and my friend Sunshine are traveling to Florence, Ms. to do a 5K mud run to raise money for Team Autism.  We are super excited about this!  That should give me 22.7 total run miles this week. :>) and I may even get in an extra .3 just to round it off to 23.  I have some friends that will do that just to make it even every week.  They be serious. LOL
We'll have to leave early to get to the race on time, but I'm sure we will enjoy our hour long ride by talking and catching up.  That's the good thing about doing races with friends.  It gives you time to catch up on things going on in your life. 

Hope your Fitness Friday or Casual Friday is going well.  Remember... "Either You run the day, or the day runs you!" - Jim Rohn

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Suicide by Spin!

I decided to call this post "Suicide by Spin" cause that's what it was tonight.  If you don't believe me....well take a look.

Yep that would be me and my good friend Serina......and our teacher(Mel) in the background grinning like she just whipped out butts. ha  YES SHE DID.  See we give her heck every week.  She calls us "you runners".  There is a lot of texting back and forth before class some days.  Today was one of those days.  She texted us and said, "all you runners come on to spin.... internal suicide tonight....and I WILL be making sure Frank turns his knob".  OH MY is what I was thinking when I read her message.  So I sent back this picture...and said "fueling up".
I told her I was getting me some carbs so I'd be ready! Yes that is a Pecan Wheel with peanut butter on top! My friend Jenn introduced me to these at our Marathon last year.  They are really good. I'll have to tell you more about Jenn later.  She's one of the strongest women I know! 

Well, class started out pretty good.... Serina and I were ready. :>)
We are always up to a challenge! Plus class is more fun when friends do it together.  However after an 8 minute song where we did blast of intervals...... we were not smiling so big.... hence the picture you saw in the beginning of us laying over on our bikes.  :>)  We should have gotten Frank in the picture but I think he was still recovering from Mel turning his knob.  See when you turn the knob it tightens the tension like you have weight on the bike...makes it harder to pedal.  I'm glad she pushes us cause it's really improved our running.  Just don't tell Mel! We don't want to give her the big head. LOL

So I ended the class by stretching.  I LOVE me some stretching and it's so good for you!

So how's ya week going?  So far I've continued my planks every day! I've also ran or I should say had time on my feet every day so far.  I'm not sure it's really good for your body to run everyday so on my normal rest day, I only do 1 mile and it's a very easy mile.  It's all about "time on feet".  So...what you waiting for?? Get out there and get some exercise.  It does the body good.  Heck, It's the way I relieve stress.  We are all fighting some kind of battle inside and we need a way to release that tension.  :>) 

Proverbs 16:3  “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”

Happy Hump Day! D

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday fun day

Today was a very busy day for a Sunday. I crawled out of bed at 6am. Yes, crawled! Saturday was a long day of fundraising for St. Jude and I was exhausted.  I did not want to get up and almost didn't. But once I got up and walked out the door to run, I was praising the good Lord that I did get up. It was a beautiful morning!! I meet my running friend Frank at 6:30am and we did slightly over 8 miles together. Felt good to run. You know they say the hardest part is getting up! Well, I agree! I laid in bed giving myself every excuse to stay there. But I'm so glad I didn't. I knew later today I would be too tired to run because I was having my dad and my daughter's bday party at my house.  Frank and I talked and the time flew by as we ran.  Frank also captured me as I began my plank.  Can't miss a day! Got a challenge going. :>)

After running, I rushed home to begin prepping for the party.  I had burgers to get ready, grill to light, tea to make, etc.  I was able to get all the grilling done before my guest arrived.  Well, my Aunt June and Mawmaw arrived as I was finishing and it was a good thing cause my eyes were watering so bad from the smoke of the grill that I looked like I was crying!  I think I cooked 35 hamburgers and 12 hot dogs.  We have a BIG family!  My SILs were bringing the beans and condiments.  My sis was bringing the buns and as usual she was the LAST person to get there. LOL  We were all starving.  If you've ever been around a big family, you know that when the food is ready it is very chaotic.  There are mothers trying to fix the kids plates and the MEN trying to get their plates.  Usually us women are last. LOL  I waited until everyone had fixed their plate before I fixed mine.  It was loud and crazy in the house.  After we ate, we had cake for Erin and Dad.  They both had a ton of candles to blow out.  I didn't think dad was going to get his to go out. LOL  He turned 70 and Erin turned 25!  

All the little kids got kick out of watching daddy blow out his candles.  I had put "sparkle" candles in with the real candles and they did not want to go out!  He'd blow them and they'd go out and start back up.  Erin's candles were melting like crazy and she was all worried about the wax being on her cake. :>)   Mom made Erin one of her favorite cakes.  I just ordered Dad's from Walmart.  HA! It was great though!

My dad being funny!

And of course everyone wanted close to Madelyn Grace! She's the newest member of our family :>) She's adorable.  

Erin, My mom and Madelyn Grace Sellers

We showed dad a video that I had put together for his birthday and he was really surprised!  Mom said he had been kind of down all week wondering why we hadn't done anything for him since he turned 70! We had decided to wait and do it the weekend after her birthday and I guess he thought we forgot.  I had to go to the back of the room so I wouldn't cry during the I really couldn't see his face as he watched it.  Devon said she got some pictures so I can't wait to see them.  Brett was giving me a hard time asking me if I was crying! They all know how sentimental I am!! I can't hold it in!  Erin told me later this evening that when I had her and Brett's graduation party last year and I had written both of them a note that I read at the party in which I cried like a baby! That Brett later took his letter to a party that night with his friends and read it out loud to them and imitated me crying! OH that BOY! I'm gonna get him one day! hee hee

It was a GREAT day!  I'm very blessed with family!  WE are LOUD and messy, but I love them all!  I had mom grab a picture of me and my sis right before she left.  She doesn't do social media so people rarely see her face.  I LOVE HER DEARLY! She's my hero.  

and then I grabbed a picture of Dakota, my nephew and Erin before he left.  He's come so far since his accident that almost took his life.  He looks so good now! He's back in school and doing well.  I'm so very proud of him!  Him and Erin are six months apart in age.  I can't believe they are both 25 now!!! Where has the time gone? 

Happy Sunday! Hug your family! Tell them you love them! Don't take a day for granted!  

Have a blessed evening! Love D

"Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another." 1 John 4:11 NKJV

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