Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What's ya source of comfort?

Are you facing a challenge? Or difficult situation? If so, I've bet you've heard the phrase, "no problem is too big for God", right?  Sometimes we hear these phrases and we just nod and say…. I know.  But do we actually believe it and most importantly trust it?  Sometimes it's very hard to trust especially in God.  We tend to jump ahead and try to solve everything ourselves not giving God time to work his magic.  Psalms 94:19 says, "when doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer."  When our self doubt gets the best of us, we should remember the words of Jesus to his disciples, saying, "Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid" Matthew 14:27.  
I guess what I"m saying is that we all tend to believe, but we need to learn to trust more.  I'm often surrounded by people who worry themselves sick.  They say they pray but I don't think they truly pray and leave it all with God.  That's what he tells us to do.  We are to go to him in prayer and tell him ALL.  Our troubles, our praises, etc. and ask for his guidance.  After we have prayed we are to quit worrying and trust him.  It's taken me a VERY LONG time to learn this and I still struggle with it form time to time.  I do believe that giving 5-10 minutes a day in quiet time with God reading the Bible and prayer helps.  I use to skimp on that but over the past year and half I've made this a goal.  I can honestly say that I feel differently.  I'm not stressing as much and I have more peace.  
"No journey is complete that does not lead through some dark valleys.  We can properly comfort others only with the comfort we ourselves have been given by God." Vance Harver  

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Is it better to be participating or watching?

Well, yesterday was the ATR 10K. A race I love. The course is flat and fast. The race attracks many fast runners. You will even see some Kenyans.  I look forward to this race every year. I had registered early as usual before my shin starting giving me fits. I know running a marathon that they say it normally takes 1 day per mile for your body to recover. Well I ran 2 marathons 5 weeks apart and then a 50k (31.25 miles) 6 weeks after the 2nd marathon so my body really had no time to recover. That's probably why my shin begin to hurt constantly when I ran. So I made the decision to take a few weeks off from running to let it heal. The last thing I want is a stress fracture that could take 6 months to heal!!

So, I didn't run the ATR. I did however travel with 2 of my team members to the race to cheer on several team members and friends that were running. It sure was different standing on the side lines! I wanted to run so badly. However, it was so nice watching as several were preparing to do their first 10K. All the nerves and excitement in their faces 😄.   I took my camera and tried to capture several pictures. I took a new lense and didn't realize I had it on manual focus for a long time. So many pictures were not real clear and crisp. I could have slapped myself for that.  It was bitter sweet watching each person come across the finish line. Some looked very tired but as soon as they crossed the finish line it was like they got a new body. Excitement took over. ❤️

I will say that boy did I realize how everyone smelled after the race. Ha. I guess I noticed it more cause I didn't smell. Hee Hee. Inside at the after party, it was like a sea of sweat perfume. But no one seemed to care. Everyone was laughing, dancing and having a blast. I stood around and watched. It was amazing to see people with such joy after they just ran 6.2 miles. That feeing of accomplishment filled the room. I myself was dog tired. Ha. I had been standing on my feet since 7am just watching. My back was killing me. I think it's harder to stand around than actually do the race.

I was super proud of all my team. Everyone gave their best and did great. We did have one that twisted his ankle in a pot hole and was unable to finish. I felt so very sorry for him. He had walked the last 2 miles just trying to finish but his foot gave out about 2/10 from the finish. My heart broke for him. Now we are praying that he won't have any severe damage. He is to see a doctor next week and have a MRI done.  Him and his wife just joined our team this year. They've both changed their lives over the last year by exercising and losing a ton of weight. They are an inspiration.

I think their is a benefit from watching and a benefit from participating. Watching you realize that their are other people out there struggling to accomplish goals and you are not alone. Participating gives you that feeling of being apart of something and finishing just tops it off like icing on a cake.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tomorrow's accomplishments begin today....

Ever had a day where you just want to go home and crawl in bed? Well that was my kind of day! Friday is always a very busy day for me at work. Today seemed extra busy. Every time I thought I was getting caught up, another person would call and want something. Nothing was quick! I keyed numbers from 2007-2014 just for one report! Yes, it wasn't something I could download or copy and paste. I had to hand key the numbers from old magazines that my boss had saved grrrrrrrrrr

Anyway, today was swim night. When I finally left the office shortly after 6pm, I started just driving home. I was thinking to myself that I would just skip swim. I was tired and just wanted a hot bath and a glass of wine. As I was driving, I thought of my friend Jenn. I knew she'd be there to swim. She's training for a full ironman! Yep you got that right. 140.6 miles total! That's swim, bike, then run a full marathon! So as I was thinking of her, I turned around and said to myself..... Suck it up! You won't get no where if you don't train. See I haven't ran in 2 weeks because I'm giving my legs/body time to recover from all the running I did last year so anytime I'm not running I get very irritable. Ha. Even though I know this cross training is going to help me. Especially if I do sunfish TRI in July. 😄. 

So here I go to swim. Jenn isn't there yet. She either bikes or runs first so she gets there later. It's Friday and the pool is empty. Warren is sitting there waiting. I had told him I'd probably be there Friday night. So I hope in. Water is Cold! But as soon as I start swimming, I warm up and all the stress of the day begins to wash away. Such a good feeling! Then warren tells me my swimming is improving. See I'm trying to learn the proper way to swim with my face in the water. So hard when you start learning that at 49! But it's getting better each time I go 😄. You know what they say.... Practice makes perfect. 😜

Jenn arrives after I've done 3 laps (long laps)! We talk for a minute while she is cooling off from running. She's such an inspiration. She'll do a 4 hour bike ride tomorrow and then a 12 mile run on Sunday. She normally only takes off on Monday to rest. I admire her!  I not sure I would ever want to do a full ironman.... Too much train time....but maybe a half next year when I'm 50 if I can spend this year building a good base.    .........  See that's my point of this long post. Unless you practice or train at something, you'll never get better and make accomplishments. So what ya waiting for? Get up and go after ya dreams. 😄

~and Jesus answered, "why are you afraid? You have so little faith!"  Then he stood up and rebuked the wind and waves, and suddenly all was calm.  Matthew 8:26 NLT

We must remember that God is not just there, he is simply HERE. Have faith. 😄

Thursday, March 26, 2015

What is a friend?

Ever thought about what the word friend means? Well, the dictionary says it is a person who is attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.   Today, as you consider the many blessings God has given you, thank him for your friends.  Thank him for putting them in your path to richly bless you and may you richly bless them today, tomorrow and every day.

I thank God upon every remembrance of you. Philippians 1:3 NKJV

Today I have so many friends to thank that have richly blessed me in my life. If you are reading this post, you are one of them. Love you tons.

C.S. Lewis says it best.... "True friends don't spend time gazing into each other's eyes. They show great tenderness toward each other, but they face in the same direction, toward common projects, interest, goals, and above all, toward a common Lord."

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Prayers needed

Well tomorrow I have a management meeting at work. I absolutely hate this part of my job. I have to stand up in front of many managers and talk. If there was one thing I could change about my job, this would be it.  I normally don't mind talking, but in that huge room I do. It will be filled with many intelligent minds.  I think that's what gets me most. I not quick on my feet with responses. I wish I could me like my husband cause lord knows he is. 😜  I know I'm good at what I do, but I not good at putting it into words to explain it. Now running on the other hand, I could do. Ha. Maybe that's cause most of the people I talk to about running haven't been running as long as I have and I feel good about telling them my opinions. At work, I'll be talking in front of Mr Sanderson himself! I mean the man that basically started the company. He's the man. And he knows much more than me. 

So tonight and in the morning I'll be praying. God please lead me. Let my words come out clearly and  let me be understood. May each and everything I do and say be becoming to you. Bless my words and guide my speech. Amen. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What kind of day are you having?

Some days you need prayers, some you need promises and others you need praises. Do you know what I mean?  When I'm having a hard day, I tend to go to the bathroom at work cause that is the only place I can get alone where it's quiet to say a prayer. I often ask God for patience. I have no idea why I do this because I know he's just going to give me more trials. Ha. I should ask for guidance on whatever I'm dealing with at the moment. Do you pray? I started something over a year ago where every morning I do a devotion before reading my emails, Facebook or checking my cell phone. I can truly tell a difference in how I feel each day. Some mornings I'm so eager to speak to God that before I roll out of bed, I say a quick prayer asking God to guide me as my feet hit the floor.  I can't put it into words exactly, but I have a sense of peace so much more than I have ever had in my life. 😄❤️
Well, I hope you take time to pray each day. If not set a goal to start praying. I promise you that you'll feel so much better. Have a blessed day!

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Welcome to my blog. I'm just an ordinary girl trying to survive each day with prayer, promises and praises.

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