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There's a special closeness between running friends................

This girl right here may be wondering why on my Azalea race post that I didn't mention her.  Well........ I wanted to do a special post on her.  BTW she did awesome in the race!  She has been sitting out healing a shin splint and just started back running.  She ran faster than her goal on Saturday! She's ...................................B A C K!  :>)  and I'm so very proud of her!  Good job girl! 

Serina is my running BFF.  She is the one that ALWAYS has a smile for us and is NEVER in a bad mood!  She is the life of the party.  I did not know her growing up even though we are just 4 years apart and she went to West Jones.  OH and YES, we know the races where we will be in the same age group. ha   Some people may look at her and think there is no way she can run fast, swim like a fish, or ride a bike like no one else but they are SOOOOO wrong.  A person's body size doesn't tell the true story! or Maybe I should use the phrase that when you look at at person you …

Saturday - Azalea 10K Run Fun - Mobile, AL 3-19-16

Today turned out to be a beautiful morning!  Meet up with several teammates and friends before the race for a quick picture at the Malaga fountain.  Been our tradition for several years now! I've seen this fountain frozen in the past when it was so very cold on race morning.  Today was around 69 degrees when we started.  It had sprinkled off and on during our drive to Mobile, but right before the race started the sun came out! 

We all headed down to the start line and grabbed a few pictures.  I have so much fun with this crazy group! 

Check out the photo bombers.... LOVE.... Everyone was happy and ready to run.  
As soon as we started, Devon started up again telling me to go on.  She did this all during the race.  I kept telling her that I didn't want to run on.  I wanted to run with her.  She kept saying I know you are faster and I'm holding you back.  I really wish she had quit focusing on that and just enjoyed the race more.  Which I think she did enjoy it, but she sure ke…

Spring Forward..............

Well, that was a short weekend! Maybe partly because we had to spring forward and lose an hour of sleep or maybe because I was pretty busy all weekend.  Either way I'm feeling the need for a nap!

I love this time of year where it's still light when I leave work but I sure hate the 1st week of adjusting from the hour lost from springing forward.  I might have to take a lil power nap right here in my office for 10-15 minutes before my lunch break is over.

It was a busy weekend even with no races! First weekend I've had in several weeks where I was not racing.  My plan was to work in my yard, but mother nature didn't let that happen.  We got hammered with rain starting on Thursday.  By Friday morning roads were closed and flooding was happening everywhere.  So I decided to sleep in on Saturday morning and not go by any schedule.  A couple of my running friends wanted me to meet them to run, but I declined.  I didn't want to have to be any where at a certain time.  See…


Some typical Dory wisdom: she just starts moving her mouth and good stuff comes out, either funny or wise. This time, it was wise.

Everyone loves the movie Finding Nemo.  Often when I'm swimming and my arms are about to fall off, I hear the statement above loud and clear...  JUST KEEP SWIMMING. 

Boy Tuesday was tough after my weekend of doing the 50K trail run.  Normally we swim on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but, the pool was closed on Monday which was probably a good thing cause my body was still sore from Saturday's trail run.  

Tuesday morning I was still feeling fatigued so decided to just swim easy.  Now I'm NOT saying I normally swim hard and fast .... I'm just saying that Tuesday was an easier pace that normal.   I also brought my GoPro and decided to film a little. You can't see yourself when swimming and really you may think your keeping your head down or that your doing the proper high elbow stroke, but in reality you may not.  I remember when I first star…

MS50 50K Trail Run 3-5-16

Where do I even begin.....  For the past 3 weekends in a row I've had a race of some kind some where..... so this was my 4th weekend in a row to race!  And let me just say that it is also the 2nd race within the same week.  I did a half marathon on Sunday (start of week) in New Orleans and then 5 days later on Saturday (end of week) I'm did a 50K!  That's 44.1 race miles in a week.  For some of you that's not many however, for me that's a record.  I've never had that many race miles in a week in my whole 10 years of running.  I actually looked back today to see what kind of miles I did during the week leading up to the 50K last year and I only did 3.1 miles of easy jog/walk 4 days before the race.  Basically I had fresh legs last year on race day!  Boy did I wish I had done that this year! 

Going into the race I had been fighting a sinus issue for about 2 weeks and just hadn't felt my same old self.  My friends know that I normally suck it up on race day and…