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Some days I just want to zip my mouth shut.  One of my weaknesses is saying something out loud before I can stop it and then realizing how it sounded, but by that time it's too late cause the person that heard it has already took it the wrong way. Ever had that happen to you?  It's a terrible feeling cause deep down you never meant to say it the way it came out but it's too late to take it back.  So what do you do?  Well, I try to retreat or should I say.... get away from that person as fast as I can.  Well, not every person cause some you can immediately say what you really meant and they are fine with it....but then there is those others that no matter how you try to explain what you were trying to say, they will never accept it.  They are like a strong will child that will argue with you over a blue wall and say it's black no matter what.  They are determined and head strong to be the "RIGHT" one.  Some of you with teenagers probably really understand this…

Stink, Stunk, Stank

Funky-smelling gym clothes happen, this is more or less a fact of life.

Have you ever had that feeling where you're wondering if it's you or the person next to you that stinks? Well, I had it bad Wednesday night at spin. I kept thinking that I hope it's not me but someone smells. It's that time of year where we are all soaking wet with sweat while exercising. Everyday my clothes are drenched in sweat even at 5am!

I got home from spin Wednesday and as I peeled my drenched clothes off and as my shirt came up and across my nose...... I realized....It was ME!!! Ughhhhh. All I can say is that I'm very sorry to Serina and Belinda that were right beside me in class. 
After a hardcore workout, the last thing you want to do is deal with laundry. Unfortunately, leaving your rotten gym clothes in a pile on the bathroom floor for a week will definitely make the situation worse. I DO NOT do this!  I wash everyday at my house! So I'm not sure why this one shirt and sports bra…
The title of my blog is Prayers, Promises & Praises and today I've had many prayers flowing through my mind.  Most of my family can tell when I have a lot on my mind cause I tend to clean like crazy.  I guess it's a way to work through all the things that are bothering me.  Oh and don't make me mad cause that makes me clean also.  Tonight I have a very long prayer.   They say sometimes if you write down what's on your mind it releases you from worrying about it.  So here's my prayer:

Dear Lord,

I come to you with a heavy heart.  I have so many friends and family members going through very difficult times.  Sometimes I feel that the world is getting smaller and smaller and it's going to suffocate me. I tend to worry about things that I know I shouldn't worry about.  I should trust you.  And honestly I try to trust you completely but at times I fail.  Today I've let many things all pile up into one big volcano and it's about to burst.  Help me to …

Why do I succeed?

HELLO Saturday night!
You know one reason I succeed?  It's because I have amazing, encouraging friends!  Today a couple of us went on a group bike ride then run.  We rode 21.9 miles on rolling hills!  Some of the hills were tough!  Serina had said that the last road was going to be really hilly but I wasn't aware we had switch to the last road and before I knew it I was facing a huge hill! I was about to try to change to my little wheel (that's why I call the gear I need to be in for hills) but the hill was already upon me and I was having to peddle hard so I tried to make it on my big wheel, well needless to say I didn't! I got almost to the top and that was it.  I tried standing up and peddling but it was too hard so I had to get my foot out of the peddle and walk the rest of the way.  I was mad at myself.  I had made it up every hill until we hit that hill and I'm a HILL LOVER.  I love the challenge.  Mel our spin instructor rode with us today.  She wanted to r…

Fitness Friday

Why do some call it "Fitness Friday'?  I honestly have no idea.  Maybe someone can enlighten me.  As for me, I try to plan my LONG training runs/bikes miles on the weekend so Friday is a planning day for me.  
Recently I've been asked by a couple friends if I had lost weight.  Well, I officially weighed this morning and I've NOT lost any weight! However, I did fit into a pair of blue jeans that I've had for probably 15 years today without "sucking in", "laying down", or any other crazy technique us women use to get into those jeans that we love.  So maybe I've slimmed in some places but gained muscle so my weight is not down.  LOL  That's what I like to believe.  
So what's your plans for the weekend?  Here's a thought for you.

I have a 20 mile bike ride planned for in the morning followed by a 5 mile run.  Yep, that's 2 things together.  Got to practice that running after biking since I'm doin…

Respecting your Body


Sunday Funday ---- or WORK day?

Some people call Sunday their "funday".  Mine started off as a WORK day.  As I was sitting on my porch this am around 8 o'clock reading my devotion and drinking my coffee, I looked out at my bushes/trees around the pool area and frowned.  They needed trimming so badly.  My husband who calls himself a yard guy is really just a "mowing grass" guy. LOL  He rarely trims anything.  A few weeks ago I tried to trim up the bushes in the front yard and ended up with a pulled muscle in my back so I swore I wasn't doing it again.  And here I was looking at the backyard and thinking to myself how I might as well get up and start trimming.  
So that's exactly what I did.  I started trimming and soon had to go get the wheelbarrow to start loading.  I'm not sure how many trips it took to take the wheelbarrow to the back yard to load all the limbs on the trailer but it took forever! My husband soon came outside to see what I was doing and was shocked.  He looked a…

D-Day 5K, Weekly Stats, & Friends

Today I ran my first 5K in awhile.  I was trying to remember the last 5K that I did and I can't remember a single one this year so far.  I think the last one I did was labor day last year.  I probably need to check my running log to verify, but I know it's been awhile.  I was signed up to run Day in the Park in May, but I was having shin issues during that time and took a little break from running.

Anyway, as soon as I got to the race site my stomach started hurting.  Yep, even I get nervous before a race! Especially when I haven't done much speed work lately.  I've only done long endurance runs.  I was telling my friend Renee that my nervous stomach was bothering me and she said just remember don't overdo and hurt something.  So as we started out I felt great until I looked down at my watch and my pace was 7:40! I told myself.... D...Slow Down Now! I know all too well that if you go out to fast at the start, you'll have nothing left in the gas tank at the end…