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What are you putting in your fuel tank?

Fueling for a race is similar to putting gas in a vehicle.  If you have 400 miles to travel, you wouldn’t just put half a tank of gas in your tank would you? And you wouldn’t put bad gas in your tank would you?  NO, you’d want to fill your tank with the best gas so that you’d make it to your destination in plenty of time and without problems.  Well, our bodies are much like a vehicle.  It needs to be fueled with the proper nutrients to perform at its best.  
I’ve done races in the past where I didn’t really focus on what was going in my body days leading up to the race much less on race day and let me just tell you that I suffered for it.  Have you ever finished a race where you didn’t just feel tired or achy from the physical part of the race, but you also just felt plain sick?  It can be stomach problems to just plain feeling like you have the flu.  I’m not an expert and I would never try to tell someone exactly what to eat.  I will say that you must find what works for you and it’s …

Weekend Training - 104 days to Augusta Half Ironman 70.3 miles!

As I sit here in my nice cool house, I don't think I want to get HOT again this weekend.  Boy it's been a HOT one!  Saturday morning we even started our run or I should say walk at 5:30am hoping to beat the heat.  It was ok the first loop, but by the time we started the 2nd loop it was just down right HOT. I had meet Frank & Krista to do 10-12 miles.  They had around 13 on their schedule and I just wanted to try to get in an easy 10 miler.  I hadn't ran all week because I was letting my knee rest that had started bothering me the previous week.  I have NO clue what I did to it.  However, that's usually how it goes with us runners.  A new aliment pops us unexpectedly and we can't figure out why.  It throws us for a loop.  What did we do wrong.  Too many hills, too many miles, running too fast, or just plain old over training.  Yes, sometimes we do know what happens to cause an injury, but I'd say most of the time we just don't have a definite answer.  So…

Heat Wave Classic Triathlon 6-4-16

Whew where do I begin? First let me say this is a new “type” TRI for me in that it was a longer distance TRI.I’ve done several sprint distance TRIs since 2011 when my good buddy Serina talked me into one.#serinamademedoit …. Yes, there is a hash tag for her and if you search it, you’ll come up with several pictures with the tag. :>)There are several of us that are her victims. It’s her personality. 
So back to the TRI…I tried to not focus on the race before hand in hopes I wouldn’t get too nervous.I didn’t even talk it up on Facebook all week.So unlike me. HaI had planned to not do anything on Thursday or Friday before the race but I went to the pool on Thursday and swam 900 yards without touching the sides of the pool at all (We can get out of the lanes and swim in a square without stopping) just to time myself and see how I felt.Yes, I normally swim more yards than that (usually 1,200-2,000) and even do more than that from time to time without stopping, but Thursday I needed that …