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R&R NOLA – Half Marathon #20

Another one in the books.  My first half marathon was back in November of 2010 and this weekend I completed my 20th half marathon.  I would say that I averaged around 4 a year, but that would not be true cause I ran 0 half marathons in 2015.  I had to look back to make sure it really was #20 and it is.  I did my first in 2010, 2 in 2011, 4 in 2012, 5 in 2013, 5 in 2014, NONE is 2015, and I’ve already done 3 in 2016 (and it’s only February).   I’m really half-crazy this year! or maybe it's HALF FANATICS :<>)

So how do I feel when I look back at my times from previous years??? Well, it’s no lie that I wanted to PR this weekend but it just wasn’t in the books.  I had hoped to break 2 hours.  Maybe if the bathroom hadn’t hit me at mile 9.5 I would had broken 2 hours.  However, you can’t make excuses.  You either did or didn’t.  LOL  I’m happy with my time.  Actually I told my friend that I really didn’t enjoy the race.  I couldn’t even tell you the streets we ran on.  My eyes we…

Quad Burners - Duathlon Bay St. Louis, Ms 2-20-16

Ah .....yes my FIRST Duathlon!

I was excited all week leading up to the race.  It was going to be great.  My friend who is also training with me for the Augusta Ironman 70.3 was doing the race.  She had been telling me for months how much fun the race was in the past and she also forced me to do a couple practice runs to be ready for race day.  See until you actual get off a bike and then run you don't realize how your legs feel like sheer noodles.  It takes several minutes for your legs to adjust after being on a bike.  I knew that this duathlon would also help me down the road for the ironman so I was pumped and ready.  Well, during the week I developed a bad cough.  It kind of started Sunday night after coming home from the Double Bridge run.  Maybe it was sitting out in that cold wind for so many hours.  By Friday I felt very icky.  My nose was either stopped up or flowing like a river.  When I laid down Friday night I actually considered texting my friends and telling them …

Double Bridge 15K - Pensacola, Florida 2-13-16

Better late than never.  I'm falling behind on my post.  I wanted to keep up with all my races this year by creating a post that I could easily look back to and it's not going as smoothly as I had hoped.  By the time I get home at night the one thing I don't want to do is sit at the computer AGAIN.  Yes, during commercials or when i'm lounging on couch I scroll through FaceBook cause I'm a FB junkie, but that's different than actually typing something up.  So here goes... Just a week late. LOL

The Double Bridge 15K is one of my favorite races.  It's not necessarily the road race that I love because it has 2 big bridges to cross but it's the time with friends that I cherish most.  This year 4 of us girls were going to share a room to split cost.  Some on the team are very frugal .. I'll call no names :<>)  However, due to different work schedules I was not riding with them.  I rode with another friend / teammate and her husband who is also on ou…

Weekend Wrap-up

What a week!  Today is Sunday.  The men's group at my Church had asked me to come speak to them during their monthly men's breakfast this morning.  I was very nervous.  I do not like to speak in public.  I get all nervous and forget important things that I want to say.  I arrived just as they were finishing up cooking.  Boy it smelt good and I was hungry, however I knew I would not be able to eat until after I had done my duty.  They told me to grab a plate and join them but I just smiled and said not till after I'm done.  See there was actually two reasons I didn't want to eat first.  One was my nerves and the other was my vocal cord.  Sometimes when I eat it makes my vocal cord problem worse.  So it's better If I want people to able to hear me for me to hold off eating while trying to talk.
When they finally asked me to get up and speak my jitters really kicked in again but as soon as I looked out at them all I could see was God's smiling face in their eyes. …