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70.3 TRI turned to 69.1 DUO - Gulf Coast Half Ironman Panama City, Fl 5-13-17

Long post…… But I don’t want to forget a single detail… besides this is my diary….. I’m certainly not a blogger to tell you how to cook, sew, run, etc.I like to write down my adventures so I can look back at them later on in life… it helps with the memory. :>)
I’ve said it many times over the years that every single race is different.There are always different challenges whether it be the weather, personal health, race issues or a number of other things.For me, this race had a couple of different challenges.First, my body has been giving me fits lately.Lots of issues with what I hope to just be sciatic or arthritis, but will find out after my MRI this week if it’s something more serious.Second, my mom typically travels with me to the “bigger” races and due to my dad’s recent health, she was unable to leave him.My daughter was hosting a baby shower for a best friend, so she couldn’t go with me either.So I hoped the hubs would go even though he hates the race scene.However, he couldn…

Natchez Trace Bike Ride

I was first introduced to this bike ride last year.  I LOVE it!  You have the option of a 25, 50, 62 or 100 mile ride.  Last year I did the 100.  It was awesome, so I wanted to return this year.  I originally signed up for the 62 mile, which is the "metric century" according to Frank, but I backed down to the 25 mile ride.  I've had some problems lately with my sciatic nerve so decided it would be best to back down to the 25 the week before the ride my husband volunteered me to babysit without checking my schedule therefore, I needed to be back in Hattiesburg early that afternoon to watch the grands.  I was actually glad for the excuse.  LOL  I did want to do the longer distance, but knew that I needed to cut it short.  Frank, Krista, & Charity were doing the 25 so it worked out perfect that we could all ride together.... which meant Frank would drive and I could ride... even better. :>)  

This is us before the ride.  Jennifer another friend that was…

South State Track Meet (Mississippi) & Quadburner 4x4 relay all rolled into one day

MHSAA South State Meet 5A

Date: April 29, 2017 Place: Gulfport High School
Results: 3200 Meters  Varsity - Finalsx1.8Brooklyn Brown12:44.02aSouth Jones2.12Tiundra Ford12:55.63a SRHattiesburg3.9Ashling Osness13:01.90aLong Beach4.9Bailey Pounds13:59.43aBrookhaven5.10Taylor Williams