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Cultivation Nation Sprint TRI – Wiggins, Ms 8-27-16

It’s been another HOT week here in Mississippi!  All of us girls had signed up to do this sprint TRI for more practice towards ironman coming up.  So to say I was looking forward to the race would not be accurate due to the heat.  I was kind of dreading it.  Seems like this heat has just taken so much out of me this year.  I’m more tired lately.  Hey.. maybe it’s all the training too. HA!  I’m learning the older I get that it’s ok to take a nap and here lately I need one after a hot, humid training day!  I was looking forward to getting back on the bike on the Wiggins Hills.  They do have some good training hills there and the elevation gain is similar to Augusta.. I had 1,400 on the last 52 training bike ride in Wiggins a few weeks ago.  

However, I made one mistake.  I was so going to make sure I got in a long run during the week to make up for my run miles I’d miss on Saturday due to the TRI.  I had planned to do it Wednesday night, but working till almost 7pm put a damper on that.…

TRI Augusta Camp - August 12-14, 2016

Augusta TRI training camp 

Couple months ago I received an email from offering a camp for the half iron distance in Augusta.  I had heard about this camp through a friend that had attended and she highly recommended it especially for someone like me that has never done a half iron distance.  She told me that I would get to swim, bike and run the actual course that I would be doing for the race.  I was excited and ready to register as soon as they open registration.  I talked one of my friends that is also doing the race into going with me.  We had been counting down the days until camp.  We were so looking forward to seeing the area and learning the course. 
Just a few days before camp we received an email with this info……
“Final preparations are being made for your arrival next weekend. It has been very hot all summer in Augusta and we hope you have been training outdoors and are acclimated to the heat. We have an agenda for you that outlines the overall week…