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2016 is basically in the books............ Time to focus on 2017

Wow! What a year!  Last Christmas I got this card from a fellow runner, who I've never meet in person.  We got to know each other on Facebook through a running group.  That's what I love about runners.  We are like FAMILY.   

I can honestly stay this year has been a BIG one is many ways.  Maybe because I turned the BIG 50 in 2016, or maybe because I'm just plain crazy about doing races.  It was a jammed packed year of many new things. 
Usually around this time of year, people sit back and reflect on what they did or didn't do during the year and make new goals for the new year.  I've been working on my scrapbook for this year and just flipping through all the pictures from each race brings back so many memories.   You know there is a saying, "Stop Wishing. Start Doing.", well, I can honestly say I did just that this year.
Several opportunities came about during the year which helped me accomplish so many bucket list items.  …

Soak up the Run - (Half Marathon #23)

Half marathon #6 for the year and the last one of 2017 to end the year!  Whoop Whoop

This year has just been crazy.  I think because of me turning 50, I was determined to do a lot of different type of races.  It's been a jammed packed year that's for sure! More on that topic later, but first I must share my experience of my last half marathon of 2017. 
This half marathon was not planned.  It came about through work.

  Around June Sanderson, the company I work for, offered to pay registration fees for any employee that wanted to run the race called "Soak up the Run".  It would be to benefit Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital.  So you know I couldn't turn that down.  I love doing things that help others.  My son has also been a patient at Blair so I know first hand what a wonderful job they do with kids.  So I signed up before I really thought about the date.  The date of the race would be the weekend directly after me running 26.2 miles at St. Jude.  Crazy me ev…

Hobble then Gobble

Each year the ARC host a run on Thanksgiving day.  The Arc of Southeast Mississippi (Arc) is a United Way non-profit organization devoted to providing community-based services to individuals with mental challenges and their families.
I LOVE this race! It's for a great cause and also let's you burn off some calories before you gobble.  This year I was asked if I would push an ARC child like I did back in April at the Rise & Shine half marathon.  Of course I said yes.  I didn't have a partner.  My friends who normally run the race were at Disney and my other friends had personal things going on so I told Terri to just pair me up with someone my pace for the 5 miler.  She told me not to worry that she already had someone in mind. 

Race morning I meet my sweet ARC child, Anna and my pushing partner.  I can't remember my pushing partner's name! I think it was Kelly, but maybe Kim. I hate when I can't remember stuff! I only meet her one time so don't judge, ple…

Running makes me HAPPY when skies are GREY

The phrase "Running makes me happy when skies are grey" sure was the truth for the St. Jude Memphis marathon!  

I have to start this post by first talking about my team!  As most of you know, I started a run team called Team Run4TheKids 3 years ago.  Each year we have grown and raised more money for St. Jude.  This year our team quickly grew to over 70 members!  That number includes kids of team members that also ran in Memphis and contributed to the whopping $50,000 we raised! Yes, you read that right.  We raised slightly over $50,000 this year!! 

Even I get tired during the year asking people for donations.  Sometimes I want to just take a break.  Raising money is hard work, BUT then I'm always hit by the reminder of all those kids fighting cancer.  I'm sure they get tired and they probably just want to say .. "I'm over this.. I'm taking a break..etc".  But they don't! They NEVER give up.  They fight constantly.  So when I'm feeling burnt ou…