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4X4 Relay – It takes Two – Bay St. Louis - MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND

Well another race. This one was a 4X4 relay for a 2 person team. Which meant each person would run 4 miles.My original partner was my friend that broke her foot. So here I am without a partner. Everyone else that I know that is running already has a partner. So I decide to ask my sister in law. She is reluctant but finally agrees.She's still steadily telling me how slow she will be. I keep telling her I'm not concerned with time. It's just for fun.She doesn't believe me and continues on. She even gives us names. She's the turtle and I'm the cheetah. Have no idea where she gets this from because there are tons more people faster than me!
We ride to the beach with Frank, Krista, and Daniel.Daniel and Krista are married. They are going to run as a team and Frank is meeting Sonja his partner there.Our ride is kind of quiet. Even for Devon who normally talks constantly. Since she's kind of quiet I'm concerned she's dreading the run. A real heavy rain hits…


Where do I even start?  What a great weekend!  Me and my good friend, Serina both won MASTERS in a 5k race!  She raced Friday night and I raced Saturday morning.  I asked her for a picture and she said.. “oh no, they were not good so I’m not sending them out..baahahahahah”.  She is cray cray!  She always makes the best pictures! She has a smile that is so contagious! I’m super proud of her! She’s working so very hard lately and she just keeps getting better.  Her husband fell Friday so she canceled on meeting me on Saturday morning.  
So I meet Frank at 6am.  My goal was to do another brick workout like the previous Saturday.  Serina and I had rode 20.5 miles and ran 6 miles.  We had finished our bike ride around 7:20 am so I told Frank we should ride around 25 miles and then we would finish closer to time for the 5K race I wanted to run.  I haven’t ran a single 5K this whole year!  I’ve kind of gotten out of the habit and also the fact that I’m so busy doing long distance that I just …

The distance between dreams & reality is action!

Last night I was beating myself up for going home after work and chilling.
Why do we do that? Are we crazy? Some may think so.  If you're not a runner, biker, etc., you may be thinking I really am crazy. Most of us do it.  We beat ourselves up when we rest. We feel we should be doing something 24/7 or we are lazy. I had swam yesterday morning so it wasn't like I had a complete down day.  But here lately most days I do something in the morning before work and another activity after work. TRI training is so much more involved than marathon training.  It's hard to fit in 3 days running, 3 days swimming & 3 days biking because there aren't 9 days in a week, so you have to double up.  Yep, you non-runners reading this now really are thinking she really is cray cray. Hee Hee 

The truth is that most of us have dreams and you know what the distance between those dreams and reality is??? ACTION  You can sit and dream all you like, but those dreams will never become reality …

Natchez Trace Century Ride 2016

With your choice of distances from 25, 50, 62, and 100 miles with mild to moderate elevation, it was a great ride to find your stride and other specialties along the route.  I chose the 100 miler to “Get My Ride On”.  The glimmering waters around the Ross Barnett Reservoir were just spectacular!  There were also countryside stretches in Madison County and Pelahatchie that made you forget you were doing 100 miles.  It was an absolute beautiful day.  I could not have asked for more perfect weather.  The humidity was low and at 7am when we started it was cool enough for a light jacket, but by mid morning you were tossing that jacket.   I was a tad nervous about this ride.  The longest I had ridden was 65 miles and that was several months ago.  I had planned on a 75 miler before Saturday’s ride which didn’t happen because my training buddy fell and broke her foot that very weekend.  She was not going to be able to ride the 100 with me which put me alone (I thought).  I knew they’d be other…