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Rest, Recover and Regenerate

There is a saying.......

Well, that's exactly what I need to do.  I've said many times over the past years to others and to MYSELF how important rest days are to recover.  Did I always practice those rest days? NO .... I practiced them about 40% I'd say.  What I mean by that is after a big race I might take off 1-2 days, but never more than 4-5 days.  So now I'm having to start from scratch and it's HARD.  Sometimes writing things down help me focus so maybe this post will help me get back on track.

What is rest, recover & regenerate to an athlete?  Yep, let's talk about the 3 Rs.  I've talked about rest in some of my past blogs.  This past week someone told me that my blog really helped them which made me very happy.  I'm no expert and most of what I say is just my opinion or thoughts I gather from stuff I read. 

How much should a runner (athlete) rest?  Well, I believe that all depends on the individual.  Some say you should incorporate at least…