Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cultivation Nation Triathlon 8-29-15 Wiggins, Ms (Flynt Creek)

Yes, you should have known a post was coming about the TRI today that I participated in at Flynt Creek.  You did notice that I said "Participated" not "raced".  Well, here's the scoop.  And some of this info is for people like some of my family that have no idea what consist of getting ready for a Triathlon means. :>)  So if you are reading this and you area may get bored.  :>)

The night before it's time to get organized and load everything up so when you wake up at 4:30am to travel to the race site you'll be ready to rock and roll.  

Loading up bike after I aired up tires.  

Basket with shoes, helmet, gloves, and many other things that weren't in picture at this point......

Then it's off to bed with the hopes you'll sleep and not worry about the race.  Many times the night before a race I do not sleep well at all!  I did however sleep well last night.  I woke up at exactly 4:23 am and said well you got 7 minutes to lay here or get on up now.  So I got on up and started my coffee.  Since I was doing a TRI that included swimming there would be no makeup.  Which I rarely wear much makeup at all when running or biking.  My friends have gotten use to that I suppose.  ha  It's just too much trouble when it's going to sweat off.  So I left the house in good time which was good because I had to stop 2X to go to the bathroom which I was glad the coffee was going ahead and working now rather than during the race.  

I was 1 1/2 hours before race time arriving at the site.  Not many people were there yet.  Which this was the first time they were hosting this TRI so with it being new it didn't have as many participants as Sunfish TRI which I did back in July.  I found a good spot for my bike and then it was time for the body marking.   Yes, I said Marking! Your race number on our arm and age on calf.

That's my bike.  I'm # 79.... got it ready.  Water bottles which I froze the night before so my water would be cold.  

Body marking.... They put your age on your calf supposedly so you can spot others in your age group on the bike or run.  I did like having it when I passed several 20 & 30 year old people in the bike and run today. :>)  Made me proud to be old and still kicking.  

We were given special swim caps.  You could either pick white or yellow.  They said that way the people working the swim route should be able to easily see all swimmers.  I picked yellow.  

Then it was off for a brief 5 minute jog to wake my muscles up and a brisk walk down to see where the swim was going to start.  This race was different that Sunfish in that we were going to enter down from our bikes in the water and swim a straight line down to an exit to where our bikes were at.  Sunfish was like a big circle.  You swam out to a buoy and turned around and swam back.  So I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this race with it being a long straight swim.  At first I thought it might be good and when I walked to look at the course it didn't look too terribly bad.  However, you can't even see the pink balloons they had as buoys in this picture cause they are so far out... 

We would start here and swim out until we saw a pink balloon and turn and then swim straight down until we would then turn and swim in to exit to where our bikes were parked.  I swam about half way out to the buoy to warm up and to get a feeling for the water.  It was nice and warm.  I felt pretty good at this point and relaxed.  I had asked a couple of special people to pray for me.  I really felt the love from so many that sent me awesome replies like "God parted the seas or Jesus walked on water", etc.  I did have one reply from my SIL that said I worry too much.  I know she didn't mean it the way it sounded when I read it.  She was trying to tell me not to worry but It hit me the other way...and I also know that I will not say that to someone that tells me they are worried or have a fear cause it made me feel terrible.  See I have a bad fear of open water.  I can't explain it.  I can go to the pool and swim a mile with no problem but when I get in open water I panic.  It's like I'm having a panic attack.  It's the worst feeling ever.  So when I asked my friends to pray for me it was because I truly needed them to do exactly that.  My swim in the pool has improved so much since Sunfish that I thought today would be an awesome swim.  Warren, the swim coach at the pool, even told me that I would have no problem at all.  When he said it I was thinking to myself... but you don't know my fear like I do.  

So we are standing in line to start the swim and I give my cousin a hug and told her good luck.  I knew she wouldn't have a problem because she's done a couple half ironman and several sprint distances.  She tells me to go slow and take it easy.  She said, "just relax and breath and try not to focus on the people around you..... just swim like you are in the pool."   

At this point, I still feel pretty good and not too nervous which was a shocker to me! But as soon as I hit the water there that dang fear was again.  I could feel my heart starting to pound faster and faster the further out I got from shore.  I looked up to spot where I was going and immediately when I saw I still had a LONG ways to go, I started to panic.  I tried talking to myself, counting my strokes, praying, etc.  Nothing was working.  Then I remembered that they said I could grab hold of a canoe if I needed to and it would not count against me. Only if I asked the canoe person to pull me out of the water would I get a DNF.  Plus I remembered my cousin saying she had grabbed a canoe several times during her half ironman to catch her breathe.  So I started raising my head looking for a canoe or buoy that I could grab to try to catch my breath.  I spotted a man in one and started swimming towards him.  He noticed me and asked if I was ok.  I said yes, but I need breath please.  So he came to me and I grabbed hold.  I was breathing like I had just ran a sub 5 minute mile! It was awful.  I took several deep breaths and tried to regain my composure.  I know several minutes had to of passed cause it seemed like an eternity.  Finally I took off again only to swallow a big wave of water when  a swimmer almost swam over me.  That about did me in right there! I seriously thought about calling the canoe over to pull me out.  I was choking and could not get my breathing under control.  So I turned over on my back hoping I could get my choking under control and regain some composure again.  I wasn't even moving my arms.  I was just floating and coughing.  Finally I felt like I could turn over and start again so I did and at first it was going pretty good.  I started counting my strokes again.  I was almost to 100 and I looked up and I was going way off course.  So I readjusted and tried to get back in the straight line course as close to the pink balloons (buoys) as possible.  It was then again that my panic attack came back.  I could tell my strokes were getting off and I was barely moving in the water.  I looked up and there was another canoe with a lady in it and I was about to hit her.  I grabbed hold and she laughed.  I was so out of breath I couldn't laugh.  I told her I was really struggling with my fear of the open water.  She looked and me and told me that most people can't or won't even attempt a TRI because of the swim.  She kept on talking but I can't remember most of what she said cause I was praying and trying to take deep breaths.  Finally after what seemed like several minutes again I took off again.  This time I was determined to push it hard and not stop.  I did exactly that for about 100 yards or so and I was finally into the bank.  Oh I've never been so happy to see land in all my life!  The guy standing there helping people out of the water said "how was it"... I wanted to scream... "horrible", but I was so tired I just smiled and kept on walking to get my bike.  I looked down at my watch and saw 19 minutes and almost cried.  And the fact that it said .38 and not .25 distance that they had said it was...which could have been from me getting off course!  My time was slower than Sunfish by several minutes and it was not at all what I had hoped for today.  I had to fight back tears as I walked through mud and grass till I finally got to the transition area.  I was so glad I had laid out a small hand towel because I had to wash off my feet and get all the grass off of them before I could put my bike shoes on. Some people think swimming isn't a cardio sport....well all I can say is.... TRY IT... You'll be surprised! and my hat goes off to my friend Jenn that is about to do her ironman! I can't imagine swimming 2 miles! I completely understand now when she told me it took her 2 years of swimming to be where she is at now. Swimming is tough! If you don't believe me... Just go try it! :>)

You have to be real careful when you get your bike.  You must have your helmet on before you take your bike off the rack to leave the transition area.  They have people standing around watching you.  I looked around and realized there was only a few bikes left.  I had started early in the pack for the swim, but everyone had passed me swimming and now they were all off on their bikes.  Another wave of tears wanted to come, but I fought back and told myself .. YOU ARE NOT A QUITTER.  

I slung that helmet on my head and grabbed my bike.  I walked my bike out of the transition area (they won't let you mount inside there) and once I was out by the cones where I could mount, I hopped on and off I went.  My coworker was raised 1 mile from Flynt Creek.  I had showed her the bike course at work and she said.. "oh it's not bad at all.. just a few rolling hills".   Well, this afternoon when she called to see how I did, I told her she needed to get on a bike and not in a car to really check out those hills.  hee hee   A couple were really long and steep.  It reminded me so much of the hills at Sunfish which everyone will tell you is a major killer!  I don't know why these races want the bike route to start out immediately on hills after you just finished a swim! I mean they could let you ride a couple miles on flats to catch your breath first.  At the top of the first hill a young guy was pulled over throwing up not the side of the road.  I felt so bad for him.  I was peddling as hard as I could and my bike just wouldn't seem to go.  I kept trying to switch my gear and it wouldn't go.  On big hills you need to find your little ring real fast on your gears.  I had to stand up on several hills to push it to the top! Thanks MEL & ROBBIE for awesome spin classes to prepare me!

I pressed on during the bike still having trouble changing gears and when I reached down to finally drink me some water ..... guess what?  My water bottle was almost still froze solid! I could barely get 3 sips of water! I was so aggravated at myself for not adding a little water this morning to the ice.  I really thought they would thaw out by the time I started my bike ride.  So now, I'm hot, my legs feel like I'm padding a 50 pound bike, and I have no water.  I was frustrated but I was determined to not stop.  There are no water stops on the bike route so you better have water in your water bottle.  Soon I started to pass several people which made me feel better.  I would look at their calf for their age and when they were younger than me, I would just smile.  There was one girl I passed who had her bike in the transition area where my bike was at.  She said she had done several TRIs. She had her friend with her who was doing her first TRI.  I had mentioned to her that the swim made me nervous and she told me her swim was good that she was worried about her run because she'd probably have to walk.  I flew by her on a downhill and yelled . "good job" to her as I passed her.  She didn't reply or either I didn't hear her.  

The bike ride was beautiful! Lots of beautiful big pastures with cows or horses.  I really enjoyed the scenery even though the hills were tough.  My bike kept acting up, but I was pushing forward.  Soon I was back in the park and ready to park my bike and start the run.  They are very strict about when you can dismount your bike also so I slowed down and was waiting for the guy to give me the ok.  He kept saying .. "at the cones"... I kept looking and there was cones everywhere!  But I finally figured out that he meant the cones right where you enter in the transition area.  I dismounted and decided to change socks.  My socks were soaking wet when I took off my bike shoes.  I have a bad blister on one of my toes and had forgotten a band aid so I knew I needed dry socks for the run. I sat down on my bucket and begin changing.  That's when I looked over and noticed all these people that had already finished the race and they were eating and laughing at the finish line.  I so wanted to be over there at that moment.  I told myself to suck it up buttercup and get my run on.  

This is what my watched said for my bike... however, I thought I had hit stop instead of lap when I exited the transition area and after riding for about a mile I realized my watch wasn't moving so I hit start again!  I looked tonight and the race results have me at a 16.9 pace on bike so maybe my bike wasn't as bad as I thought. LOL  

After riding the bike for several miles, your legs feel like JELLO when you start off on the run.  It takes a good 1/2 to 1 mile for your legs to feel like they are actual legs again.  Right before my watched beeped 1 mile, I saw my cousin coming in to finish.  We did a high five and she told me to keep going it would be over soon. :>)   It was just another couple of feet that I saw my neighbor Dennis coming in to finish.  We also did a high five and said GOOD JOB to each other.  I then started to realize that so many people were walking the run and I was running.  I felt good.  This is what I'm use to doing. RUNNING  It was a nice run because we left the paved park road onto a trial road in the woods so we had shade which was very nice by this time because it was getting mid morning and the temps were rising.  I ran the whole way! It felt great.  As I was coming in to finish the girl that was in the transition area with me was just starting her run.  She yell when she saw me and said "nice job #79".  Boy that made me smile cause I had come in before her even though she beat me big time in the swim!  

I crossed the finish line and it was like... WOW.. I did it! I was still under 2 hours so it wasn't as horrible as I thought.  However, the ladies that beat me in my age division did it in like 1:34! I beat some of them in bike and some in run but I was last in swim! So what does this tell me??? That I've got to continue to PRACTICE! 

I also noticed when I was talking with my cousin at my car that my back break was tight against my tire!  No wonder I had to peddle so hard! and I thought my bike was making a noise but you don't want to stop during a race to look.  Now this just makes me wonder how much faster my bike ride might have been..... 

I think with every race you learn something.  Today I learned that I need to check my brakes! Now I know why some people ride their bike around a little before the race.  I'm sure they are checking things out before the race starts. :>)  I also learned to check water bottles! I need hydration.  :>)  And the biggest thing I learned is that I must find a place to practice open water swimming!  I've got to conquer this fear.  As we were standing around for awards, I listened as so many talked about how they do open water practices often.  Dennis, my neighbor also told me that he notices that when I go to the pool I just swim for a mile.  He says I should start doing doing some speed intervals and not worry about making a mile every time.  I smiled when he told me that because Warren told me that exact same thing last week.  So I need to quit focusing on just swimming a mile, I need to work on some speed work.  

Another short distance TRI is in the books for 2015 and I'm smiling.  It's by God's grace that I finished and I'm forever thankful to him and all my friend that prayed for me today.  You'll never know how much that means to me!  If you need me to pray for you for ANYTHING... Just let me know!

Happy Weekend! What did you do for exercise today? And remember... You can do all things through Christ Jesus! Philippians 4:13!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Midnight Cry

You ever woke up and thought to yourself that it must be time for Jesus to come back?  Lately I’ve thought that many times.  There is such sadness in the world today from horrible things that are going on around us each and every day.  Senseless killings that we truly don’t understand.  Why are these people acting out in such horrific ways?  Were they not loved enough as a child? Who knows the true answer because you can see parents that are good people that ends of having a child that strays to the dark side.  We can set and debate all day long as to what causes these things and I believe we will never know the true answer until the day we meet our maker.  Today as I was getting ready for work listening to the morning show tell the story of the two news people that were killed yesterday, the thought of Jesus coming back soon hit me again.  He is coming back! We don’t know exactly when, but we do know he is because it is written in the Bible.  As I was running this morning, one of my favorite gospel songs came on my iPod.  I could hear my high school friend singing it as it played.  She will give you chills to hear her sing this song.  You may know it … “Midnight Cry”.   It’s a beautiful song!  Here are the lyrics from the song:





I hope we are all prepared for this day. I for one do not want to be left behind.  If you are reading this and you are not saved, I pray that you’ll open your heart to Christ.  I promise you’ll be forever more changed. 

Praying for the families of the journalist and the family of the shooter.  I also pray for the two children I learned of yesterday that was recently diagnosed with cancer.  May God provide healing to these families?  I praying for my run team as we continue our journey to run and raise money to help support cancer research to stop childhood cancers.  And also praying for the situation going on at MSU that I just heard about! An active shooter!!! The world really is going crazy these days.  We should all be on our knees praying. :>) 

Have a bless day! D 

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Tomorrow is my mom's birthday.  She'll be 68 years young!  I had planned on taking her to lunch today after church, but I've been up since 12:30am with a bad stomach ache.  I told her this morning we may need to postpone a few hours or something to let me see if my stomach would settle down. Not sure if it's something I ate last night or a bug.  All I know is I've got some serious cramping going on with several trips back and forth to the potty. GRRRR Not what I wanted to do on Sunday!

So I'm laying here in our big over sized chair listening to Randy Turner preach on our local cable channel.  He's giving a pretty good sermon on Job.  You know Job lost everything and still was faithful to God.  Several told him God was punishing him, but he remained faithful.  Not all hardships we face are due to sin.  I believe we are often faced with trials and tribulations to see how faithful we remain in praising God.  We should praise him in the good times and bad times just like Job.  We often say the phrase "the patience of Job" when we refer to a person with great patience.  I can honestly say that my mom is a woman of great patience! She is very slow to anger.  She is always there for me no matter what I've done good or bad.  She stands by me.  She's my support system.  She always tries to make our (her kids and grand kids) birthdays special.  She's known for baking us cakes.  We don't give big presents like some families.... we get a special cake that she makes from scratch.  OH how great that LOVE!

I was the first born to Dale & Ann Sellers.  As the oldest, I've always been very independent and head  strong.  I'm not sure if this is a quality of all 1st born or what, but my mom will tell you that we butted heads many times when I was a teenager.  I thought she knew nothing and I knew everything.  BOY was I WRONG! :>)

As I aged and had my own children, I soon learned that she knew ALOT!  Especially after having my own daughter who also was very head strong as teenager.

Mother's Day 2010! I love these women in this picture with me!

Mom and I have went on several adventures over the last 10 years or so.  Growing up we were not rich and didn't go on vacations, etc.  We were rich in love, but my dad worked for himself so you know how that is..... limited income based on a job or no job.  My mom remained a stay at home mom for the most part. They had 5 children and she believed in a mom being at home. We always sat down as a family and had supper around 6pm. BOY how I'd give anything to go back to those days!  She taught me early on how to cut up a whole chicken and fry it.  We all had our "Favorite" piece of chicken, but we could never get my dads back! For some reason, he liked that piece.  LOL  She even saved the neck and gibs that you would pull out of the center of the chicken to boil later for chicken and rice!  And let me just say that if you had stomach wanted her chicken & rice.  Oh this gives me and idea. I think I'll send my husband to the grocery store real quick so I can make some chicken & rice.  Maybe that will help my stomach! BRB......Yes, got him going! Maybe soon I'll feel better! Wondering if it was that salad from BWW last night or if I got too hot yesterday.

New Orleans with mom and her sister, Debby.  I had ran the Jazz Half Marathon this year and they came to cheer me on.  We chilled afterwards at Pat O'Brien.  Mom loved the piano bar.  

Girls beach trip!  As I said earlier, we didn't go on vacations when I was a child.  So as an adult, I've taken mom several places.  I'm very blessed to have a job where I can afford to do these things.

Oh yes! Rock & Roll roll-a-coaster at Disney!  You can tell me and mom both love to keep our eyes shut. LOL  I took mom when Erin was at cheer competition in 2010.  It was her 1st time to go to Disney! She loved it so much that I took her back when I ran the Disney Marathon this year!

Me and mom at Animal Kingdom after the Disney Marathon. ;>)   I wouldn't trade anything for these memories! 

My biggest supporter!  Mom came and walked at my local race where my team run4thekids raising money for St. Jude. My mom is not an exerciser so this was HUGE.  I walked her in across the finish line smiling all the way!  

Happy Birthday mom!  Hope you have a blessed day and I promise when my stomach is better, we will celebrate!  

 Proverbs 31:28 – Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her.


PS.... as it's the 10 year anniversary of Katrina.... let me just say that MOM saved us during that time!!! We cooked out of her freezer for a week.  So thankful for her always gardening and putting of food in those 2 big freezers at her house! Cause this woman had no food saved up in a freezer.  We sure ate very well during those dark storm days! 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Past Times - missing my grandmother

All week my mind has been drifting to my grandmother.  I guess it's mainly because the anniversary of her death is coming up on August 26.  It's been 21 years, but I still miss her all the time.  I grew up living next door to my grandparents and spent so much time at their house.  As I'm sitting her tonight on my porch listening to the hummingbirds that are coming to my feeder to get water and the sounds off in the distance of families outside enjoying the nice evening, it reminds me of Saturdays with her.  Do you remember sitting around shelling peas with your grandparents?  Boy I do! Purple fingers and all! :>)  And I sure MISS those simpler days!  Or maybe today we just make things more complicated instead of taking the time to stop and just enjoy our families more........ 

My grandmother was one of the best cooks ever!  And on Saturdays she use to cook a big meal.  The men would work in the hay fields or with the cows and she would have a big old lunch ready around noon.  I would sit and watch her and listen to all the directions very closely and as I got older I helped her cook.  And don't think she couldn't also go out and work the cows because she could do that also.  She was like a superwoman to me.  She did it all.  She sewed, cooked, gardened, raised 4 kids, and had plenty of time for us grand kids.  I learned so much from her.  She was just taken away from us too soon.  I guess with school also starting this month it always reminds me of her death.  See she was hit by an Amtrak train.  It happen right in front of the Moselle school.  The crossing at that time did not have the arm that went down to stop cars when trains were coming.  We are not sure what happen.  We don't know if she never saw the train or if her car stalled on the tracks.  My grandfather had died the year before of a heart attack and she was very lonely without him.  They were glued at the hip when he was alive! Even in their older years you would often see them walking out in the pasture holding hands to go check the cows.  I remember thinking as a child that I wanted a marriage just like that.  I was always told stories by my mom and aunt how my grandparents use to go out dancing when they were young.  

Aren't they cute?! :>)

My grandmother had Indian blood/roots.  I'm like 1/8 or maybe it's 1/16 Indian.... I can't remember exactly.  It's not enough to count is all I do know. LOL  I believe I got a lot of my strength and determination from my grandmother! and then next my mom! They both superwoman! :>)  
Here's a picture of her and my granddaddy in color....
I sure miss these two but I know they are in heaven together. 

I remember the day she died like yesterday because a friend of mine that is a teacher at Moselle called me at work and told me to drive to Forrest General now.  I asked her what was wrong and all she would tell me is that my grandmother had been hit by the train while the kids were at recess at school and they were transporting her to Forrest General.  I left work immediately, however when I reached the hospital they told me she did not make it.  My world was crushed.  She was the first person in my life that I was extremely close to that I had lost.  It took me years to be able to drive across a train crossing without getting sick to my stomach or with big old tears in my eyes.  

Why am I writing about this tonight?  I'm not real sure except that I kept thinking about life and how short it is.  Maybe as I've gotten older I think more deeply about things. Or maybe it's the fact that I've lost classmates, had friends that have lost their children, and friends that are losing their parents.  We seem to all stay so busy in our lives that we rarely stop and smell the roses.  I've tried over the last few years to take time to do more things with my parents.  Sometimes it's hard when your job is demanding, you are raising a family, and you have obligations in the community, but I believe we must all strive to make time.  Spend some time with your love ones because we aren't promised tomorrow.  Life's too short not too!  

May you all have a great rest of the weekend! As for me, I'm bout to hit the hay.  My week consisted of 30 miles running, 2 miles swimming & 15 miles biking.  Got to keep hammering and building that strong base.  New York marathon is in 77 days!! That's just a little over 2 months!  YIKES.  I'm excited to run through the 5 boroughs. :>)  

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Small Acts of Kindness

Have you ever been feeling down, worn out or just plain distraught? Yesterday morning my sister in law text me asking for prayers.  They moved their son to a new school and he was already upset and not wanting to go before they even left the house.  My daughter teaches at the school so she was going to meet them and walk JP inside.  We were not sure how that would go either because he's never stayed with Erin.  So I stopped getting ready for work and said a prayer.  I was thinking about it the whole time I finished getting ready wondering how the situation had turned out.  I knew if JP got real upset then it would be over with for my sister in law.  To my surprise she text me and told me that my daughter made her cry.  Then I worried more so I text  her back and told her I was sorry.  She then told me that I had misunderstood her.  What she meant was the small act of kindness of Erin taking JP's hand and walking him in was so very sweet and touched her heart.  That then made me tear up cause I tell Erin often to treat others with the fruits of the spirit and normally people will return that same gesture back to you.  We all want people to treat us kindly.  

A couple weeks ago I was teaching Sunday school (we rotate at my church) and I had a visiting child.  I was so shocked when I mentioned the fruits of the spirit and she named each one! She was only 8 years old!  I think we should all teach our children to show kindness.  Well, after work yesterday I went for my mile swim.  I was dreading it as usual.  I just haven't got that "eye of the tiger" feeling for swim yet.  It's probably cause I'm still figuring it all out with the proper way to swim and I'm impatient! I want it to be like my run and bike...easy. ha   Anyway, when I arrived my friend Jenn was finishing her swim.  She's the one training for an ironman so she swims like 3X the laps I swim! She called me over before I started and told me she wanted to talk to me.  She went on to tell me tips on swimming and the whole time reassuring me that it will keep gradually improving.  She was so positive and after she left my swim was the BEST swim I've had in weeks!  She put an ease over me that I can't explain.  I was at peace swimming and not fighting the water.  As I was swimming I thought about the comment my sister in law had made earlier that morning about Erin's small act of kindness with JP and what it meant to her and I had to text Jenn as soon as I finished my swim to tell her that her words meant so much to me!  You never know what is going on deep inside a person's head.  You can do or say just the right thing to put them at peace with a small act of kindness.  THANK YOU JENN!

Well today is Saturday and I just finished my long run which was just 8 miles this week....had a little taper week.  I enjoyed my run with my teammate Kathy! It was hot but we survived because we did it early which I'm glad we did cause now I've got to get ready for work..UGHHHHHH Yep, on a SATURDAY! Not often but it does happen.  boooo hooooo

Kathy and I stretching after our 8 miler. :>)  She's a hoot! She'll be doing her first marathon in December with us at St. Jude.  I'm so excited for her! 

My week:
45 mile bike miles
20.2 run miles
2 swim miles

Happy training peeps!  Delight in the victories of others! Each day provides countless opportunities to encourage others! 

"Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing." 
 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Have a Bless Day!  Capt'n D Team Run4TheKids

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Another weekend in the books......

Does the weekend really have to end? It went by way to fast.  It was however a good weekend! Had a great 12 mile run on Saturday morning with several teammates and then a 30 mile bike ride this afternoon with friends.  I think I'll sleep good tonight. 

Team Run4TheKids have begun training for Memphis in December.  Around half the team is doing the full marathon and the other half doing the half marathon.  My training is a month ahead of them due to New York marathon, but several of the teammates from last year are up to speed where I'm at on long runs so we are able to do them together.  Some in the group never stop running so they are ready at anytime for a long run. :>)  Running with a group makes a long run so much easier.  We take it easy and talk.  Some of us only see each other this 1X a week so we catch up on what's going on in each others lives.  I can honestly say running 12 miles alone is a boring task, but with friends it's easy.  You forget how long you've been running cause you are caught up in the conversation with each other.  If you ever want to train for a marathon, find a friend to do it with is my #1 suggestion. 

We like to capture a picture after our run to document our training.  Usually after the marathon in Memphis I try to put together a video of the team showing all the training runs, etc.  I hate we didn't take one before Sunshine left! She did 4 miles with us.  She's had a rough time with the death of a friend so her running has taken a backseat.  I was so happy to see her Saturday! I know she'll be back in the swing of things very soon.  

After the run, I went home and took a cold shower.  Seems that is all I do these days.  It's been so very hot this summer.  Then after a shower to get all the funk off me, I headed out to pool with a book that I had just started.  Well, the book was so good that I finished it! I read till my eyes were hurting which gave me a bad headache but I couldn't put the book down.  You should check out the Angel walking series by Karen Kingsbury.  Very good!  

Needless to say that Saturday I never made it to grocery store! So Sunday morning I was up and off to the store.  I had planned on getting back in time to get ready for church, but that didn't happen.  I probably could have made it like 15 minutes late, but hate to walk in that late so I skipped.  I feel really bad when I do this because I enjoy church so much.  So I sat out on my screen porch and read my bible and did my devotion.   It was a nice morning.  Not too bad humid till mid morning and then the heat was full force again. UGH>>>>

I had a bike ride planned for 4pm with some friends so I told my husband I was going to run to town first and look for some "work" clothes.  I HATE shopping with a passion!  I have never been one of those girls that loves to go walk around the mall and look to see the styles, etc.  I could not tell you what is in style and what is not. LOL  Most of my dress pants are 15 or more years old.  I only go to town when I absolutely need something like bras or panties.  I know some of you women are thinking I'm crazy but I just hate to shop.  Maybe if I had tons of money I would enjoy it.  Anyway, my goal was to look for dress pants for work and NO run, bike or swim stuff!  See that's my problem.... I always end up in the sports section if I go and buy more workout stuff.  If you walked in my closet you would freak out probably with all the crap I have to workout in.  I guess some girls have a shoe fetish and some have a workout fetish.  Anyway, I did find some clothes.  And now I'm sitting here fretting over what I spent on them!  Clothes are not cheap!! What's funny is if I had spent $200 on running stuff I wouldn't bat an eye... but work clothes and I'm freaking out.  Maybe it's cause now I know I can't buy no workout stuff this month cause I've spent my budget on personal things. 

Well after I spent that money I was ready for a good bike ride.  I quickly stopped at the Keith's store close to the trace and changed clothes and was off to meet my friends.  It was a blazing 95 degrees at 3:45pm!  But once we got on our bikes and off the wind in my face felt great.  We passed a couple guys biking not long after we started and Brett Farve was one of the bikers.  He's retired and lives in Hattiesburg.  He and his wife have both done TRIs.  They say she's a real beast.  I've not meet them at a TRI, but I have some friends that have seen them.  I smiled and waved and he smiled back and nodded his head.  I wanted to yell "stop... I need a quick picture".. but I didn't.  I'm sure he gets enough of that.  

By mile 5 my thighs started letting me know I had ran 12 miles yesterday, but I was determined to not  give in to that feeling.  So I pushed on.  It was fun with Mel and Frank cause from time to time she would zoom by me and then I'd zoom by her.  We did that for a little while and then I was way ahead of them.  At first I thought something had happened so I slowed down and let them catch up.  She said she was tired from pulling up carpet and stuff yesterday so I didn't give her too much of a hard time.  Especially cause if I do...she'll kill me in spin class! She's the teacher! 

We had a great 30 mile ride.  There was a tree down on the trace that we weren't expecting.  I tried to ride thru it by ducking but it hit me anyway.  My shoulder is scrapped on one side.   I was taller than I thought being on the bike to fit under the hole.  Frank & Mel got off and walked their bikes under so I did that on the way back.  We meet another biker riding that is training for an ironman.  He said he rode with my friends Jenn and Bubba recently.  He had rode 74 miles on Saturday so He said he was taking it easy today.  I smoked him on the way back.  :>)  

Mel sent me this before our ride today.  I love it. 

What motivates you?  My friends motivates me! Remember.. Philippians 4:13... I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.  

Good Night! Time to head to bed and get a little shut eye so I can face Monday morning. 

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