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She believed she could so she did.

Augusta 70.3 ---- I AM IRONMAN 70.3!

I don't even know where to begin exactly. It's all like a dream now.  Have you ever been on vacation and when you returned home it seemed like it was over way to quick?  That's exactly how I feel about Augusta! I'm sad it's over.  I thought I would just mark this off my bucket list and probably never do another one, but I must say that now I'm itching to do another one.  Oh it may not be anytime soon because I have a couple big races coming up that I've got to focus on for the rest of this year.  But I do hope to do another 70.3 and I would LOVE to do it again in Augusta, especially if I could pick the weather. 
Let me try to briefly recap my race experience.... (I did say try.. not sure I can do briefly... so many details.. :>))
We all start counting down the days to race day.  We can't wait for that big day to come.  We stress over things like.. are we ready? can we do this? how hard will it be?  What's the wea…

Trials and Tribulations

Why does God allow us to go through trials and tribulations? Now that's a question that could open up a big debate.  

Let me start by recapping my weekend workouts. 

 My weekend actually started on Friday since I was off that day.  I needed to burn a vacation day so I decided to do just that.  I planned my long run for Friday so I could bike 50 miles with my two friends that are also doing ironman.  They've been on a slightly different training plan than me, so they normally bike on Saturdays and run on Sundays.  I have been incorporating my marathon running into my ironman training lately to prepare myself for MCM that is in just 48 days! (I've got a very busy winter coming!)

So I slept in on Friday and started my long run around 9:30am.  I wanted to practise nutrition as if it was race day.  So I ate a good breakfast and had my coffee and then I went to the trace where I knew there would be no cars, no dogs and a bathroom every 3-4 miles.  Plus the trace is pretty.  Lots of…