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Dopey 48.6 / Walt Disney World / Time with MOM

It will be hard for me to post a short post and truly include all the things I want to remember about my Dopey trip with mom.  
Two years ago I was talking with another running friend who wanted to race at Disney.  We discussed signing up that year for the Goofy Challenge and then she decided it was not a good time for her.  The races at Disney can be very expensive.  So I ended up just doing the marathon that year.  I loved the Disney experience and said if any of my friends ever decided to do the Dopey challenge that I would go back and do it.  Well, the opportunity came around early in 2016.  Several of runners on the run team said they were planning to go back and asked if I wanted to join them.  Of course, I jumped on the opportunity.  It's much more fun doing a race that is a challenge with friends.  So we registered in April.  It was by far the most expensive race I've ever signed up to do! Just a mere $560 for registration! That…