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The WEIGHT battle!

I'm starting to really understand all those times "older" women told me to just wait till I was older because the weight is so hard to get off!  Boy I believe it!!! It all started after my hysterectomy a couple years ago.  All of my adult life I had weighed between 118 - 122, except for the 2 times I was prego. ha   I religiously weighed myself every morning.  I always told myself if I got to 125 it was diet time. LOL  I know some of you reading this are thinking she is cray cray and some of you have probably always been very conscious of your weight too ... even if you don't admit it..:>)  
Anyway, after my hysterectomy where they took everything because I had fibroids all over, the doc started me on replacement hormones.  
~Hysterectomy with ovary removal tied to weight gain. Women who have their ovaries and uterus removed - to treat fibroids, for example - tend to gain more weight in the years afterward than those who only have their uterus taken out or don't…

First TRI of 2017 - Traditions Sprint TRI

Time for a little swim, bike & run report.  Yep I do a tad more than just run.  I did my first sprint TRI in 2011.  Sunfish was the race.  It's a fun one but tough.  Mainly because it's in the middle of the summer in south Mississippi!  I also did TRI4Life in 2011.  I don't really count that one as much because the water was so swallow you could walk the entire distance... which I basically did. :<>) 
I didn't do another TRI until  2015.  I had neck surgery in 2012 and didn't swim, bike or run for a good while.  It took me a couple of years to get back to wanting to do another one.  Well, I think one of my friends named Serina probably talked me into doing Sunfish again is really what happen. LOL  She's good at that.  Since then I've been pretty active doing a couple sprint TRIs for the past 2 years.  It mainly started as practice so I could get ready for the half ironman last year.  Now it's becoming something I'm enjoying.  I believe this…

Rise and Shine Half Marathon (#27) - benefiting the ARC

The Rise & Shine half is a local half that benefits the ARC in Hattiesburg, Ms.  I talked about the ARC a couple of months ago in my Hobble Gobble 10K race recap.  It's a non-profit organization that helps kids with disabilities.  For the 2nd year in a row I would be pushing an ARC child during the half as part of the Freedom Rider group.  I LOVE what the Freedom Rider group does for these kids and had looked forward to this race for a couple of months.  
To push a stroller for a half marathon you need a team of 3-4 people.  Last year there were 3 of us and my shoulders and arms were sore for a week afterwards.  It's harder than you think.  Kathy would be pushing again with me and I had asked Sunshine to join us.  I had also started in January as part of my "strength" training for 2017 doing some arm work.  I'm super glad I started this because my arms and shoulders were not sore this year like last year.  
I was hoping that my sciatic nerve pain would not be b…