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Well tomorrow is May 1st!  Time is flying by or to me it sure seems like it is going by extremely fast!  Tomorrow is a big day for my run team! Registration opens for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon weekend!  I can't wait to get us registered as a team and let the training and fundraising begin! 

It's going to be a great year!  I just have such a good feeling!! In 2014, we raised slightly over $28,000.  This year we hope to raise $30,000!  I'll be keeping you updated as the year progresses!  
As you register tomorrow, find a training plan that works for you and set yourself some goals.   Begin your goal with these two powerful words.. "I will" and then after you write them down, tell someone.  And make sure you not only set you some mileage / training goals but set some mental goals.  If you've ever ran a half or full marathon, you know that it is not only physical ability that gets you across that finish line, but also mental ability.  Begin with positive thou…

Pass It On

Today at church we sang one of my favorite hymns.... "Pass it On".  I love that song!  If you really listen to the song, you could apply it to so many things in your life.  Here are the lyrics:

It only takes a spark to get a fire going And soon all those around can warm up in the glowing That's how it is with God's love Once you've experienced it You'll spread his love to everyone  You'll want to pass it on
What a wondrous time is Spring When all the trees are budding The birds begin to sing, the flowers start their blooming That's how it is with God's love Once you've experience it You'll want to sing, it's fresh like spring You'll want to pass it on
I wish for you my friend This happiness that I've found You can depend on him It matters not where you're bound I'll shout it from the mountain top I want the world to know The Lord of Love has come to me, I want to pass it on
I'll shout it from the mountain top (prais…

Weekend Baby!

Thunder is rolling and it's very cloudy.  I wasn't even sure I would get in a run today or not.  Weather was calling for rain/thunders storms.  I'm so happy I did! Didn't sleep worth a flip last night so I sure needed a stress reliever.  Too many things on my mind!

Arrived at tech park around 7:10am.  It was very humid! Some of the team had started running at 6:30am, but I had to have a cup of coffee before I could get started.  I was thrilled to see my buddy Shine drive up right behind me.  She was running late also.  Hee Hee   So we began running together. My plan was to just do 5-6 miles.  I'm still gradually building my miles back up.  You know they say use the 10% rule to prevent injury.  Only increase your mileage by 10%.  Well, even though it was very hot and humid we felt good running and continued for 7 miles before stopping.  We almost stopped at 6, but I told Sunshine I don't like then number 6.  So we went 1 more mile.  It felt great to be running w…

The HIGH of your FRIST

Yeserday I recieved a call from a long time friend that I see maybe two times a year.  We are business associates.  We don't work for the same company, but we both deal with chickens.  He's been in my office several times and he always asks me about my running.  I have my medals on my wall in my office.  My sister-in-law once told me that it would be a great conversation piece.  So I decided to hang them at work.  I know some people probably think I'm bragging, but if they do think that they do not know me very well.  I am not a bragger.  I do however enjoy talking about my experiences.  So when someone walks in my office and ask about my medals, I love to tell them my stories.  By no means am I the fastest and I do not win many races.  I do however, complete them.  It's all about the FINISH in my book! 

Anyway, my friend calls me yesterday and says he's got to tell me his good news.  I can tell in his voice he's excited so I ask what it is that he must tell me…

1st race since my holiday from running

So today was my first race since the MS50 50K earlier this year.  I've been on a slight vacation from running.  After 2 marathons and a 50K all within 4 months time, my body needed a break.  Today there was a 5 miler in Hattiesburg on Longleaf Trace at 2pm.  The race was benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  So you know I had to do it!  I'm all about races that benefit cancer.  I'd love to see a cure for cancer one day.  
Now let's get to the race.  It's 82 degrees today! The sun is straight up and no clouds.  And you remember the 20 degree rule don't ya?  When running your body heats up to at least 20 degrees above the outside temperature.  For some crazy reason when they told everyone to get to the start line, I get up to the front.  Now I'm telling myself in my head to back up but my body isn't listening!  My mind is saying.. you crazy woman! Back up! I have not been doing any speed work since I started back running and I had told myself th…


Recently I watched the movie "The Bucket List".  I've watched this movie several times since it came out on DVD.  We actually own a copy.  I love Morgan Freeman in most anything I've seen him play in over the years.  And maybe this movie hits home with me as I'm approaching my 49 birthday.   Somedays I still feel like I'm 25, then I realize I'm really getting older.

Do you recall the scene where they are sitting at the Egyptian Pyramids and Morgan asked Jack two questions?  The questions really make you think about your life.

1.  Have you found joy in your life? 2.  Has your life brought joy to others?
What is Joy?  A feeling of great pleasure or happiness is the normal definition you'll find.  Some synonyms are delight, joyfulness, jubilation, triumph, exultation, happiness, gladness, glee, exhilaration, exuberance, bliss, etc.

We can have joy in many different things in our life.  Our family, our God, our activities, our jobs, etc.  As you think …

What kind of example am I?

Boy that's a deep question.  I'll let you ponder your answer while I discuss what the Bible teaches us.  It teaches us to be a positive influence.

1 Timothy 4:12 NKJV says "Be an example to the believers in the word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity."

I read something recently that said if we are the kind of christian whose actions day in and day out, are based upon integrity, fidelity, and a love for the Lord then we are not only blessed by God, we are a powerful force for good in the world.  WOW! A powerful force for good in the world. Don't we need more of that was my first thought.  Yes, we are all in our own small corners of the world, but what if we were ALL a powerful source for good in those small corners?  The world might be a lil different I would think.  

I read this while also seeing so many comments on social media about a recent accident in my local town that killed a teenager.  Some of the comments were very judgemental.  I couldn&#…

Endure the training and Enjoy the race.... dedicated to Mel!

Are you training for something? Are you just working to lose weight? What's ya goal?  Whatever your goal is there is one thing I'd like to share with you...... endure the training and then enjoy the race (or reap the benefits of putting in the training).  Have you ever woke up on race day and wished you had trained? I'm sorry that most of my post will tend to lean towards running or exercise mainly, but that's the story of my life. :>)  However, you could apply it to most everything in your life.  There is just certain things you have to endure to come out on top.  Training is a BIGGIE in running, biking or swimming.  If you don't train, you'll never be able to enjoy the race.  You'll be wishing the whole race that you had put in those extra miles or hours of training.

I have a spin teacher that really pushes us.   Sometimes in her class I just want to stop and then I hear her saying one of her sayings... "DON'T YOU QUIT!!!"  She will get…

Back in the Saddle

Well. after 3 1/2 weeks of no running, I ran 12.7 miles this week.  YIPPIE  I started slowing with just 2 miles 4 days and today I did 4 miles and walked .7 for my total of 12.7 miles.  It feels great to be back up on that saddle.  Taking a break can put all kinds of thoughts into your head..... hard will it be to start back.... will I come back to where I was at.... will I EVER run again... blah, blah, blah, blah

I was fortunate (I guess you can call it fortune) that I knew I would start back running.  See I had neck surgery 2 years ago.  I had 2 disk in my neck replaced with cadaver bones with a plate and 6 screws.  I had an extreme herinated disk in my C section of my neck.  The disk above it was starting to also be bad due to my degenerate disc diease so the doctor said he couldn't fix one and leave the other one so he fixed both at the same time.  I had lost a ton of strength in my left arm.  I could not even hold a glass.  My scapula had sunk in on my back and did…

Good Morning to ya!

Good Morning Peeps!  Well, it was day 2 of my plank challenge.  I plan to do at least 1 plank a day for 1 min to see how many days in a row I can keep it going.  I have a blogger friend that is on like 315 days straight! She's amazing.  Check out her blog.  I have her on my blog list.   Well, here's my pic to prove it.  You can tell by my face that I sure enjoyed my plank this am.  hee hee

Just another day in paradise. HA!  The eyes say it all this morning.  Last night I biked and then swam and this morning I got up at 5am and ran.... so forgive the face... I'm a little tired.  :>)

I'm the type person that has to write down my plan and share it with my running friends so they can hold me accountable.  I feel that once I write it down that it makes it official.  So I've got my New York plan ready and training begins the week of June 29th.  Believe me that will be here before I know it!  Got to get mentally prepared.  As with anything, if you don't put in the …

On a mission...........

Well, as some of you know I was selected in the lottery drawing for the New York Marathon which will be held on November 1, 2015.  So I've got 6 months to get ready.  I've been on a little rest break after my 2 marathons and a 50K but it's time to start back and kick it in gear.  However what you might not know is that I'm trying to also build a base on my TRIs.  So I'm currently biking, running, & swimming.  I have a sprint TRI planned for July.  So I've got to keep up my biking and swimming for that and then my ultimate goal is to do a half Ironman in September, 2016.  So...... that give me 1 year and 5 months to build a good base before the half Ironman. 

I've only been swimming a sprint distance which is around 12-13 laps in the pool.  Now to build up to a half Ironman, I need to swim 40 laps in a pool! (50 meter laps)  I will say that today as I was trying to get organized and prepare a training schedule that 40 laps has seriously scared me to deat…

Mistakes can make good runners

Ever made a mistake running? If you haven't you are a rare gem.  Most runners have made mistakes and usually they learn from them.  Basically just like anything else in life.  We can either learn from our mistakes and use them to get better or not.  While recently sitting at a doctor's office waiting on my husband to have oral surgery, I was reading my running journal.  It's a monthly publication with several running articles.  Well, this article hit home and I wanted to share it with you.  The article was by Cedric Jaggers.

Guess what was listed as the first mistake?? You got it..... STARTING A RACE TOO FAST.
Have you ever done that? Well, I have and boy did I regret it.  Sometimes you are so excited that it's hard to hold back.  When they blew that whistle you just want to rush out like a race horse.  But let me tell you that no matter how good of shape you are in, you can start out too fast!  So how fast is too fast?  Well, according to Cedric most experts say you …

Eye of the tiger

Oh how I love that song! I grew up a Rocky fan! I had posters all in my room. Drove my mom crazy.

Well after 3 weeks of not running, I got my eye of the tiger on and ran 2 miles after biking 10. I had planned on biking 15-20, but the rain started so I had to quit early to get my run in. Turned on my iPod and immediately the song Eye of the Tiger came on! It was a sign from God! It's time... now run.

Got 2 miles run in with NO shin pain! Yippie! I think I might make a come back!  If no pain tomorrow, I will add running back into my program.  I'll build back up slowly.  Boy it feels so exhilarating to run again! I know it was only 2 miles, but boy it felt great!  I even did the first mile at 10:30 pace and 2nd mile at 9:30 pace.  I tried to hold back, but it just felt so good to be doing it again.  It was so hard the first week that I didn't run.  I was so ill and moody! It got easier since I was biking and swimming cause I was so tired from ramping up the biking and swimmin…

Good Friday

What does good Friday mean to you? Why do they call it good when it's the day Jesus was crucified?

To me Good Friday begins Easter weekend.  The day the world changed for everyone.  Everyone now has a choice.  Do they want to live eternally or not.  As for me, I do. 

I can not imagine living in Jesus' time and seeing him carry his cross to where he would be nailed to it to die.  Would I have been scared and hid in the crowd not wanting people to know I believed in him or would I have stood up against he crowd cheering for him to be crucified?  That's a very tough question.  I hope if there ever comes a time in my life where someone questions my faith in a life or death situation that I will stand up. 

The Bible teaches us that Jesus was sent here to die for "US".  He died so that we can live eternally with him.  I pray that as we go about the Easter weekend we will all reflect upon our own lives.  Are we living for him?  Are we carrying his cross? Or do we just…

What to get a summer body or lose a few pounds?

If you're a woman and getting older, you understand where I'm coming from on this subject.  The older we get the harder it is to lose weight or keep the weight off! 

Well, we need to boost our our metabolism.  How do we do that? By changing up or exercise program.  Here's 3 different programs to help you start. 

To fire up metabolism - Cardio

1. 3X a week - do 30 minutes interval fat blast ... to do this you need to do 2 minutes of high intensity activity (no talking) to get that heart pumping followed by 2 min of moderate intensity. 

2. 3X a week - 20 minute steady cardio - after a 5 minute warmup, exercise at a pace that keeps your heart rate in an aerobic zone (where you are breathing somewhat hard) for 12 minutes and then slow your pace for 3 min to cool down. 

3. 1X a week - 60 minute endurance builder - warmup 5 minutes, then increase to a moderate intensity for the rest of the workout. 

To fire up metabolism - strength

3X a week - when you don't do cardio, do 2…


How do you deal with negative people? Do you have those people in your life that no matter what they are talking about there is always something negative brought into the conversation?   I try to strive to be positive most of the time.  I'm the type person that will give people a million chances because I try to see the good in them.  I've been told that I'll let people walk all over me thinking the person will change or become a better person.  Do you do that?  I have a few friends that won't.  They tell it like it is. LOL  They can spot a bad apple immediately and will tell me I'm just being too nice assuming that person isn't really bad.  Ever do that?

I hope when people think of me they do not think of me as a negative person.  I know sometimes I get depressed, but I try to not show that side to my friends.  I try to retreat and ask God to show me the good things in my life.  I have a couple friends that I so wish that they could have peace.  They seem to A…

Motivation to exercise

What motivates you? Is it your friends? Family? Coworkers? God?  
What is motivation?  It's literally the desire to do things....... 
So who or what gives you the desire to do things? Is it to keep up with what ya friend does? Is it to prove something to yourself?   What??? 
These are some deep thoughts.  For me it is a combination of so many things.  I think first my desire is to try to keep my body young. Ha. I guess deep down I figure as long as I'm active, I'll never get old. Now I do realize that isn't true cause sometimes I feel like I'm still 25 and then I look in the mirror and see the age all over my face.  
My friends also give me tons of motivation.  I've developed some strong friendships with my exercise buddies and I miss them when I don't see them. We fellowship with each other almost as much as we workout. I can count on these friends. If I miss a couple days they will call or text me and get me back on track. We hold each other accountable. Tod…