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2016 Goals, Aspirations, Intentions, Plans, Hopes, Desires....

What is a goal?  the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.  
Goal setting is a process that starts with careful consideration of what you want to achieve, and ends with a lot of hard work to actually do it.  

I'm sure you've heard or seen the word "Smart" to describe goal setting.  They say you need to have specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time limited goals.  
I've thought a lot about this over the past couple of weeks.  It can be hard to set goals because some you may fear that you can't really attain them and you will be a failure.  As for me, I think it's important to write down a list of weaknesses or qualities that you would like to improve.  (No one has to see this list. It's for you to use to focus on goals you are going to set.)  Then write down a list of your strengths and best qualities.  This list is just as important as your weaknesses.  You will be able to draw strength despite your flaws and…

Rehash of 2015 Races

The end of the year is a natural pause point to access your progress.  Here is 10 simple questions to ask yourself: 
1. Where did you succeed? 2. What did you enjoy most? 3. Where did you fail? 4. What regrets did you have? 5. What lessons did you learn? 6. What will you do differently? 7. What is the status of your goals? 8. What do you need to do more of? 9. What do you need to stop doing? 10. What are your new goals for the new year?
As the year ends, it can be a great time to look back at what you accomplished in the past 12 months.  I was thinking I didn't accomplish much this year because I didn't do any half marathons which are my favorite.  It's very unusual for me to not do at least 2-3 during a year AND it's very unusual for me to do 3 marathons in a year which I should say 4 cause I did one 50K which is considered an ultra marathon because it's 31 miles.  So I decided to jot down all the races I completed this year and take a look.  

Races I completed during 2015 in…

Little Red Wagons

If you've got kids or been around kids, you've probably seen a red wagon at some point in time.  I know we had a wagon that all the grand kids played with at my mom's house.  They would pull each other or their toys around.  This weekend at the St. Jude Memphis marathon a red wagon took on a whole different meaning for me.  I'll share it with you as I write the details down on the weekend in Memphis.  
First let me begin by saying my weekend was changed up a little from what I had planned orginally.  See last year after I returned home from Memphis my husband pouted saying he didn't get to go to the Peabody, Beale street, etc.  So I had booked a room for just me and him this year.  Well, about 3 weeks ago he up and told me that he wasn't going to go.  I was furious at first because see several of the girls on the run team wanted to room together and I had told them all that I couldn't because I was going with my husband.  I asked him why and he said that I w…

Self-made man/woman

How many times have you heard the phrase “self-made man”?  I know I’ve heard it several times over the year.  Do you believe it? Well, I don’t.  In my opinion no one is self-made.  We all owe countless debts that we can never repay.  God has given us everything that we are and will ever be and his son sacrificed his own life that we might live eternally.  So our first debt is to God.  Then of course there are also many others we are indebted to like parents, teachers, friends, spouses, family members, coworkers and fellow believers.  All these people have shaped us into who we are today in my opinion.  Yes, some still stick out their chest as to say, “Look at me and what I did”.  However in our quiet moments when we search the depths of our hearts, we know better.  
~ By humility and fear of the Lord are riches and honor and life. ~ Proverbs 22:4
I will also say that there is a difference to me in self-made and determination.  A person that succeeds also has a lot of determination! …