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Sea Turtle Half Marathon 2-18-17

Sea Turtle Half Marathon in Gulf Shores Recap

At first I wasn't sure I was going to make this race that I had really been looking forward to!  Work has been crazy lately and just so happened that the week before the race, things really got crazy.  We were working anywhere from 7 pm to midnight every night.  Our boss told us to also be prepared to work all weekend unless we made significant progress by late Friday.  So it was not looking good at all midweek! 
I told my friend, Robbie, who lives in Gulf Shores, that I was probably not going to make it. I had really been looking forward to seeing her.  We haven't seen each other in months!  She has been struggling with some injuries and I really wanted to see her and encourage her.  And I also hoped I'd get to see Mo, my friend that had breast cancer.  She lives in Perdido and is normally at all the races there.  I was so down and out about work and just plain tired. 
Friday rolled around and it wasn't looking good, but by 4…

Frosted Fanny 2017 - 1st race of the Quad Burner Series

Seems I'm getting slower at posting after a race.  I really need to do it ASAP because I tend to forget details.  My memory just isn't like those people who you might know that remember EVERYTHING.  Mom and I were even talking about this at Disney.  I told her that I just plain can't remember.  I have to write myself post it notes to remind myself to do stuff.  I use to think it was just part of getting older or maybe I'm just so busy that it's hard, but I have friends who can remember very vivid details about their childhood, etc.  I have very few memories from when I was young that I remember well.  Mom told me she's always been the same way.  Said she is amazed sometimes how her sister can give details on something from their past when she can't remember it herself.  I'm exactly the same way.  I'll have friends that ask me if I remember something from junior high school and honestly I might remember a tid bit, but I can't remember details lik…