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Rock N Fly Blue Angels Half 3-18-17

Half marathon #26 for me.  All week I had been looking forward to this half.  First because it was going to be another "new" half for me and second because it was in Pensacola, Fl.  I love the beach! 
The only problem was my hip/sciatic nerve down my leg had really been bothering me since the MS50 that was 2 weeks prior.  I don't know if it was the rugged terrain that irritated my body or what.  I spent days wondering what I had done wrong to cause this pain to act back up.  All the miles I had put in between October and January with no pain at all and now I was full of pain. As with any runner, we begin to analyze everything we did differently trying to figure out where we went wrong.  OR at least I do! The only thing I had done differently lately was not walk as much.  I had done the past 3 marathons by doing a jog/walk program and now I had recently done the sea turtle half and the MS50 with little walk time.  I figured the running was pounding my spine too much causin…

Children's Classic 10K (February 25) & MS50 20K plus 6 (March 4)

Two races in one post :>)  
Let me start with the Children's Classic 10K in Hattiesburg.  I had not preregistered for this race because of my recent work schedule.  I was happy on Friday when I realized that it was a very good chance we would not work on the weekend so I started thinking about going to the race.  The race is for an awesome cause!  It's for The Children's Center for Communication and Development at The University of Southern Mississippi (where I graduated).  Children enrolled there have a variety of special needs and diagnoses.  I love to run when the race supports an awesome cause such as children!

The 10K didn't start till 9 am so I actually got to sleep a little later than normal for a race day. :>)  I wasn't sure if any of my friends would be there since I had not even mentioned the race with me not knowing I was going to be able to go.  I was happy to find my teammate, Stan there when I arrived.

 I had no idea he was in town.  He works all …