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What is rest? Sometimes as a runner we don't make time to rest.  And when we do, we tend to feel bad about it.  I know that sounds crazy, but it's true.  I often tell others to make sure they take a rest day and then today as I was driving home I was wondering why I was so tired all day.  I kept telling myself that I only ran 3 miles this morning so why should I be tired.  Well, as I sit down and think about it....... Then I recall..... 6 days straight of doing some type of exercise!

Wednesday 5 miles run Thursday 4 miles run Friday 1 mile swim Saturday 11 mile run Sunday 22 mile bike Monday 1 mile swim (normally rest day but pool is packed on Tuesdays so went today) Tuesday 3 mile run 

So that's why I'm tired! I haven't taken a rest day.  I was beating myself up for not going to spin tonight and just coming directly home after work and now I'm glad I did.  It's hard to take a rest day especially when you are training for multiple sports (TRI distances).  …


Today when I arrived at church and was looking over the bulletin I had to look twice.  The title of the sermon was "Focus".  That was so odd to me because all weekend I had been wanting to write down some notes on "Focus" but hadn't found the time.  Saturday after my 11 mile run I was tired.  I napped off and on by the pool while reading and then fell asleep on the couch at 7:15pm.  The sinus medicine I've been taking to dry my ear up makes me very sleepy.  I almost feel asleep talking to my boss on Thursday at work!  So I didn't take any medicine Friday at work.  I did take 2 on Saturday and boy was I SLEEPY.  I just couldn't hold my eyes open whenever I got still.  So I never got around to writing notes on "Focus".

I think God was speaking to me today when I got to church telling me not to forget to write down my thoughts on "Focus".   See Saturday several of us did the 11 mile run together.  There are some new people on our te…

Dream Big

I've wanted to post about my run team's race yesterday all day, but I'm having a hard time putting it all into words!  Took me all day to think of a title for this post.  
First let me say that I never dreamed 2 years ago that I would be on a run team consisting of 40 members who's goal is to raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital.  I had hoped 5-10 people would join me but never did I dream it would reach 40 people!  These 40 people come from different places and different backgrounds.  I can honestly say that the more I get to know each one of them there is a common thread between us.  We all love to help others.  
I always hoped that God would lead me to do something special.  I would love to work full-time doing nothing but volunteer work for people / causes that need it.  There is a special kind of joy deep inside when you help others.  I can't put it into words.  Often we are told that God creates us with unique gifts and we must tap into them.  

Sunfish Sprint TRI - Bonita Lakes Meridian, Ms

OH where do I start???  July 11 was finally here! The one reason I had been swimming 2X a week! The very popular sprint TRI know as SUNFISH.  Friday consisted of making sure I had everything!

If you don't know what a sprint distance is... well it's a 1/3 mile swim, 17 mile bike, and 5K (3.1) mile run.  I did it once back in 2011 and I can say now that I honestly had forgotten just how hard of a course the race actually is!  I guess it's like a marathon.  Immediately afterwards some people will say that they will never do another one and then as time passes they forget the pain and do it again.  Well, I had obviously forgotten the just how hard the hills were on the bike route.  My main concern was the swim.  I'm terrified in open water.  Yep, believe it or not I get extremely nervous and haven't been able to get it under control yet.  I will say that swimming laps in a pool is much DIFFERENT than open water!

The day started off well with several of us carpooling th…

Day 4 & Day 5 combined.... LONG.. Sorry.... Not so sorry!

As I sit here tonight and listen to the waves and the wind, I'm reminded how blessed I truly am!  I've had a great couple of days with my daughter.  We've spent all our time together because Brett has two of his friends with him so they've done their thing and us girls have done our thing.  We've even shared the master bedroom together giving the boys the rest of the rooms to sleep.  I guess even when she's 25, she'll still sleep with her momma. :>)  It's been really nice!  I'll cherish this time always because we aren't promised tomorrow!

Now to Day 4... #runselfiechallenge Day 4 was red, white and blue selfie due to the 4th of July.  It took me awhile to get my group to take a selfie! You know some older kids think that selfies are stupid.  It was a HOT 4th of July!  Erin and I got up before the boys (as usual) and went on out to the beach.  I had rented chairs and an umbrella from the beach guy, but he put them so far back from the water …

Day 3 - #runselfiechallenge running shoes - Destin Vaca

Day 3 of the run selfie challenge - running shoes

Rest day..... so I left my running shoes and headed to the beach for relaxation. 
Yesterday, I told the boys since we are down at Holiday Isle that I would get up early and go down to Pompano Joes to the public beach area and get us a spot so they could be by all the younger folks.  See down where we are at so far we have mostly seen older folks / families with young kids.  Well, you know guys around 21 and older want to be around college age or older folks. LOL   So Erin and I got up before the boys and headed down to save us a spot.  It was HOT.  No breeze at all! 

We had to bandage her toe real good before we left.  Boy what a vacation! Starting off with an injury!  We waited and waited on the boys!  My mom sent me this pic while we were waiting on boys.  Today is their 50th wedding anniversary! What an achievement! 

They are at their fishing camp in Alabama.  They took my sister and her two girls and my brother's son with them…

Day 2 - #runselfiechallenge & Destin Vaca

Day 2 ---- PJs - Christmas in July? :>) 

Let's just say I didn't get far in these hot PJs... Not in the SOUTH!  But day 2 is done.  One of my teammates that is also doing the challenge was one of the honorable mentioned yesterday! He's always doing something silly! I look forward to seeing his pictures the rest of the month of July cause there is no telling what he'll do!

Check Nestor out in Day 1 - Favorite drink ---  Hee Hee
I did get in 7 miles this morning.  I think since I have 20 miles already for the week and my turf toe is giving me fits that I'll take the rest of the week off and rest.  Erin's poor toe bled all night.  I called my friend that is a nurse practitioner today to see what I should do and she said that Erin needs to stay off it a day or two and wrap it up in a bandage with some pressure so no shopping for us girls. :<(  We laid on the beach in the clouds all day.  It started raining on my last mile this morning and then the sun never …